Friday, 2 October 2015

October-the spooky month...

I think really I should have an advent-style calendar for October, because my children get more excited about Halloween than ever every year! Actually that's a good idea, I need to Pinterest that-I'm sure someone will have done one of those! Ruben and I decided last night that we can nearly start watching our favourite Christmas films now its October and also decided to give the Elf on the Shelf thing a go this December-lots of potential craft there for me to be getting on with...

We have had a quiet few home days, apart from a trip to the library which was more to return books than get any more out, second trip to the library in a week suggests it really is Autumn. Finding it harder to find books the girls are actually interested in reading but they did read this book from Chesterfield library:

Both girls read it in under 2 hours and both really enjoyed it, I'm going to put it up on our LGBT book page and their both going to write me a review for it.

I got this lovely book out and had a go at making a Tarte Au Citron, it was really yummy but I forgot to take any photos!

I did get this photo of all the lemons I had to squeeze though:

And it was thoroughly enjoyed by hubby, Cordelia and myself whilst we watched the Great British Bake Off semi-final.

Today after a mammoth house clean/bedding wash/cooker clean and prepping for a roast chicken dinner (so lucky Hubby and I share all the chores, I'd never manage all by myself with 6 of us to cook and clean for, plus the children do at least one chore each a day like emptying the dishwasher or hoovering, there is always so much to do) we headed out to Poolsbrook Country park for a lovely sunshine walk. The weather has been lush this week, my fb timeline reminding me we were on a beach in Llandudno this day last year, you can see that post here: Llandudno October 2014 and five years ago we did a mammoth walk up Kinder Scout Waterfall which you can read about here: Kinder Scout Waterfall Walk 2010. Really want to do that walk again but the children are very reluctant..

Beautiful blue skies today, we even saw a heron flying over the water, although its come out very small in the photo, it was much bigger in real life:

Ruben thought it was a headless swan at first! But turns out to have just been under the water:

Ruben looks SO long in this photo, his clothes fit him really they do-they are actually Bailey's old clothes!!-aged 14! He's so tall..

Making use of the outside exercise equipment, Cordelia was thrilled with me taking her photo:

Meanwhile Ruben didn't mind, he loves the exercise equipment!

Couldn't resist the colour's so had to take this photo. Love Autumn so much.

Back home we sat in the garden chatting about height and hubby got the tape measure out so we could see what height we all were. Ruben is 5ft 2", Cordelia 5ft 4", Piper 5ft 3" (bone of contention that Cordelia is already taller!) and Bailey 6ft 1".

Piper is feeling a bit unwell today with a sore throat, hopefully it will pass and she will feel better soon as we have a busy weekend and it'll be a bit rubbish for her to feel poorly.

Elsewhere there has been Terraria for Ruben-he's spending a lot of time on this game of late, skyping with his friends SD and J. Wii, the new nunchuck has made a big difference! The girls have been planning costumes for Halloween and lots of plans for decorations.

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