Friday, 16 October 2015

Home educating in October

It seems ages since I last blogged, hubby, Piper and myself have been really unwell with a nasty flu-type virus. It was a really odd virus, we all had a swollen neck/glands, tender throats, sniffles and a really bad cough. It was a really draining, exhausting virus which left us all with little or no energy. Cordelia started with it this week too and hasn't had a voice since Tuesday-its been very quiet...

On Monday we had a lovely Autumnal walk around Rother Valley Country Park, have to admit to still feeling quite under the weather so it was a bit hard-going but nice to get out.

 Cordelia managed to get a last minute ticket in the evening with a friend to see Dan and Phil: The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire. Dan and Phil are two YouTubers that she has liked for quite a while now, Ruben and Piper are also big fans. She loved it and I think she literally used all of her voice and so by Tuesday morning had nothing left. She hasn't felt well since but I think she would argue it was totally worth it!

Ruben has been busy deciding on a Halloween costume and so he has been busy with papier mache this week. He's not the best at getting his hands dirty I have to say, I think in an ideal world he'd rather someone else do it for him, I think being the youngest of 4 means he is a little bit more indulged than the older three and would quite happily have me doing everything for him. But I did point out that he is going to be 12 in a matter of weeks and I'm sure he could manage to rip some paper and put it in glue! Its funny how sometimes he can be so mature and then other times he almost retreats into being a baby-at least with me. I think its definitely an "I am the youngest" kind of trait. I really can't believe he is going to be 12 in a few weeks time.

Piper has been doing lots of sewing this week and has even started writing, she's been inspired by a lack of fan fiction in her favourite anime so has decided to write it herself. She showed me some of her writing last night and even though I know barely anything about the anime program I thought her writing was really good. She is much happier typing on a keyboard than she is writing with a pen/pencil. She has been doing lots of drawing recently and using the creative colouring in book she bought herself a few weeks ago. She finds colouring in very relaxing. She made a really cute bow out of some felt, which she wore out to Chesterfield today. We've been and bought two big packs of felt from the Range today, their felt packs are so reasonable at £2 a pack and so I imagine we will have some different coloured bows coming soon. She set herself an Etsy shop up and has listed a few of her handmade/sewn items. Really proud of her. On Tuesday we had a trip to the cinema just her and I to see Suffragette, I studied the Suffragettes during my History A Level and its something I've chatted about with Piper quite a lot. She is such a big feminist and we often call her our "justice warror", she really enjoyed the film and so did I, I love Carey Mulligan and Anne-Marie Duff but was a bit disappointed that Meryl Streep was hardly in it at all despite playing Emmaline Pankhurst. Today Piper tried to find some books on the Suffragettes in the library but we couldn't find any, so am going to do a bit of research for her and see if I can find any good ones. Whilst we were out today she bought Bibby the cat a Halloween outfit! Here he is modelling it (somewhat unhappily me thinks!)

Whilst Piper and I were in the cinema hubby took Ruben to a crazy golf course in Sheffield, he's wanted to do it for quite a while now but he was pretty disappointed with it and it was very expensive! It was nice that they had some father/son bonding time though. 

Ruben has been reading this week, he's got some Goosebumps books out of the library today-for some reason he's been really interested in them and also the film which we are planning on watching. 

He's been enjoying the new Doctor Who series and its lovely to sit and watch it together on a Saturday night. He spends so much of his time online now skyping with friends, although since Bailey bought himself a new 3DS last week with his wages, they've spent a lot of time playing Pokemon together-which is really sweet. The age gap means they don't usually spend that much time together, especially with Bailey being at college and working part-time-so its been lovely to see them sat together playing Pokemon. It was Bailey's love of Pokemon that got Ruben into it too, many years ago.

Cordelia has been drawing lots, as usual, and also decorating the house in preparation for Halloween. They get more excited about it than Christmas! So far we have several pumpkin paper lanterns around the room, green & black paper chains and a a garland of Mexican death masks. We really need to get the box out of the garage loft, there's more decorations in there too including last years haunted house.

Anime drawing Cordelia did this week: 

She's also been practising her special effects make up:

I think that is pretty much us all caught up :)

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