Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

A home day, Cordelia finished off pumpkin cupcakes and spent a lot of time helping hubby and I with face paints. 

Hubby finished off his Hail Hydra pumpkin which we all think looks epic :D

They were all ready from 3pm!

Cute little Spanish fruit carved into jack o lanterns

Lots of selfies!

Hubby and I got into the spooky spirit of things to....

Piper was a very cute witch :D

Our friends arrived and hubby and the other two dads all headed off to do some trick or treating! Managed a group photo before they left!

When they got back in we all had a lovely autumn evening walk to the local village firework show, the fireworks were really cool but my photos are not!

On the way back home we saw the most stunning red moon it looked really big but my iPhone camera made it look so tiny!

Friends stayed till after 9pm and then Ruben was exhausted and is fast asleep, we are all currently sat in pjs watching the cult horror film Nightmare on Elm Street With Piper and Cordelia-they've been dying to watch it for ages so I've relented even though it frightened me as a teenager! They are not as easily scared as their mama thankfully.

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