Monday, 26 October 2015

Half term!

A day home for me, Cordelia and Ruben today. Hubby and Bailey popped out to move furniture for grandparents, a trip to the tip, they dropped Piper off at her friends this afternoon too before circling back for Bailey to get Halo 5, he's been excited for months about it!

This morning Ruben read some of this book he got from last weeks library trip. He says it's a bit sad but he likes it. 

He also made a start on painting his pumpkin head after hubby help him cut out the eyes and mouth. We found the bottom of it wasn't quite strong enough after it got wet with the paint but it's dried okay. 

Cordelia had a morning drawing horse heads, chatting to a new friend online and doing some more of her Titan gear project. Her and Ruben had a long game of Super Smash on the Wii this afternoon before tea.

Piper had a bit of a rough morning with one thing and another, thankfully I had time to sit and have a big chat with her and work out some things that I hope help. Time will tell, being a teenager is tough, so many hormones. She wrapped her friends present and made a card after lunch and even had a bit of time to help me with a sewing project. She's just got home from her friends and had a fab time by the sounds of it. 

Ruben has been playing Minecraft with his online friends this evening. A break from Terraria!

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