Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Poppy Wave

We've had a lovely day out at Yorkshire Sculpture Park today, we haven't visited in a while and nearly didn't make it today as it was still raining first thing. It was pretty muddy but thankfully the sun came out and we had this lovely view whilst eating our lunch:

Our main reason for visiting today was the installation of the Poppy Wave-the poppies that were displayed in the Tower of London. They looked stunning in the beautiful sunlight, all sparkly:

We had our niece with us-she is looking rather muddy in this photo but she had a great time! Love this photo of them all together:

It has attracted lots of visitors:

We did a new walk today, after many visits over the years we haven't walked around the bottom lake before, its much quieter.

This boat house complete with boat reminded me of Swallows and Amazons:

We loved the brightly coloured octopus:

This piece of art was probably a favourite though, a digital galloping horse! Our niece thought it was brilliant, especially that it was the same galloping horse on both sides of the screen. Cordelia and Ruben were feeling a bit silly...

Totem pole 

We loved this area called "Fly Away Home" a little village of bird houses in the trees:

And a really huge stack of bird houses:

Back home, rather muddy for a slow cooker chicken casserole. Bailey and Ruben have played some Team Fortress 2 together-which was nice to see/hear. Cordelia has made some Zoella style sprinkle cupcakes, she has become quite obsessed with Zoella videos on Youtube which is funny because when I bought Piper Zoella's book for Christmas she was really dismissive of it! She has been re-reading the book again though. The cupcakes are all ready for tomorrow night's Great British Bake Off :)

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