Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Blogger tells me this is my 900th post, which is pretty cool :)

Toddler Tuesday today so I bought a family ticket to Wentworth Castle Gardens as its near where my sister lives so handy for picking our niece up and dropping her off. Its also a really good excuse to get the girls and Ruben outdoors-no mean feat these days!

We arrived to lots of mist, but actually it looked really atmospheric which went quite well with the toddler tantrums my niece was having! It so takes me back to Cordelia being that age, her and Bella are so alike in lots of ways.

Thankfully we distracted her with some sticks, trees and small hills to run up and down again. Hubby took these photos whilst I was dealing with a tantrum...

Its called Lady Lucy's Walk and is a really beautiful part of the gardens.

Lots of beautiful flowers outside the house, its now used as a college so you can't actually go into the house.

Round the side of the house:

Ruben found a couple of different types of fungus growing on this tree, he and hubby tried to look for owl pelets since it seemed like a good spot for an owl to sit:

The "castle" its right at the back of the gardens and is actually a garden folly built by Mr Wentworth for his children to play in. Pretty epic back garden!

Ruben and I decided to climb all the way to the top, we noticed at the bottom of the stairs the handrail looked like a dragon's tail (wish I'd got a photograph)

And we found the dragon at the top! It was a pretty cool dragon and it would have been a pretty cool view up there if it wasn't for all the mist. Ruben doesn't normally like heights so I was really impressed he made it all the way up. 

Back down the twirly stairs and our niece was looking for us so we pretended to be in jail, she was quite upset not to be able to get to us through the bars so we had to come round and see her.

Lunch in the folly, including a flask of hot tea-its definitely Autumn again :) before a bit more walking in the gardens, a tree to climb and a play in the playground. They have a lovely play area here and we were the only ones in it!

Beautiful flowers (and children) in the conservatory which has been restored since we last visited.

Back home for home made pizza's, skype, wii play for Ruben-he was happy his new nunchuk had arrived and meant he could get past a part of a game he'd been stuck on for a while. Our youngest cat Bibby had kindly decided to kill a rather large wooden pigeon on the front garden so we arrived home to lots of feathers and a rather grotesque looking scene-thanks cat! The girls have been watching Anime.

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