Sunday, 20 September 2015

Visiting the Saltaire Festival 2015

We've been looking forward to the Saltaire Festival for a while now, last year we visited on a bit of a whim and had a great day, you can read last year's post here, Saltaire Vintage Fair so we were all keen to visit again. There is such an atmosphere, its so busy but we were a little disappointed not to see any steam punk costumes this year. Last year we visited on the Saturday and so maybe that is why? Or maybe it was just a random coincidence that there were lots of people in steam punk costume last year?? I don't know. Ruben got a few looks which made him a bit self conscious, he is getting to that self-aware age, but we told him he looked cool and to ignore the looks. Cordelia got the same attention being decked out in black lipstick and a steam punk/goth dress and Piper with her bright blue hair. Seriously though, they looked so cool, I wish I'd have been half as cool as they are at the same age, I am in awe on a regular basis of how individual and confident they are. School would not be able to deal with their epic-ness/individuality and I'm so thankful they don't have to try fitting into someone else's idea of "normal". 

We hadn't realised last year or last month when we visited briefly, that we could go into the Salts Mill. Such a shame we didn't know earlier because it is brilliant in there. We went to have a look at the David Hockney exhibition only to find the most stunning art gallery! The art supplies and art books that they had in the gift shops were the best selection I have ever seen anywhere. All displayed on beautiful antique furniture with huge vases full of white lilies, truly decadent. Was not expecting that at all! Put several books on my list that I'd never come across before. Cordelia drooled over all of the art supplies-such a good selection and some of her favourite pens!

We enjoyed the Hockney "The Arrival of Spring" exhibit, I loved his colourful paintings of sweeping roads with overhanging trees. Reminded me of visits to Sussex for some reason, when Hubby used to work there, it was always Autumn or Spring when we visited. Ruben thought this chair of Hockney's was very cool:

The room/art gallery:

You can just see Hockney's cubist red post box in the background, its a very different shape but was actually used for a full month at the Salts Mill in 1992 and all the mail posted in it was hand franked, Hockney even designed a special commemorative stamp. 

We were heading up the stairs to the next floor which we thought would be an art exhibit, but it turned out to be a book shop. The best book shop I have ever visited, I could have stayed all day, there was such a huge collection and it was all so beautifully presented and laid out. The building is really stunning inside. Lots of book went on to Christmas lists! I think we could have spent £100's of pounds in the Salts Mill today just on books and art supplies.

Another two flights of stairs to see this:

I think because it was virtually empty the roof space felt vast, it felt like time had stopped in this room which we think maybe explains the exhibit? A clock was ticking in the background and right at the other end was a picture of a clock without any hands. Whatever the actual art behind it, the room itself was art, Cordelia took lots of photo's which I'm looking forward to seeing :)

Couldn't help wondering if this is where they'd dry all the textiles back in the day???

Cordelia taking photographs:

Back down the stairs:

The view from the top windows in the mill:

We had a lovely picnic in Robert's Park, there won't be many more opportunities for those but we managed 3 outdoor lunches this week!!! Great atmosphere listening to the live bands and watching lots and lots of puppies being very cute!