Monday, 28 September 2015

University Open Days-what happens after Home Education?

This weekend we had a huge #proudparentmoment when we took Bailey along to his first university Open Day. It was a bit surreal if I'm honest, I haven't been to University and neither has hubby so we were both intrigued to see what happens at these open days. Bailey had chosen Derby University, whilst not that close to us, is still commutable-although that will require him to learn to drive eeeek!!! 

Overall we were really impressed with the course and tutors, Bailey liked the look and feel of the campus. The course covers 3-D animation which he is really interested in and is very art based. Listening to the talk that was given made me think it is something that Cordelia would really enjoy. 

Bailey made notes/listed questions on the journey there to ask and the tutor kindly spent time answering all of his queries and even suggesting that he might be able to skip ahead to Year 2 of the degree as the college course he is doing now covers a lot of what would be on Year 1. That is useful to know. They also have a placement year at Derby which is something high on his list, not all university courses in Games Design offer the year placement between years 3 and 4. From the talk given by the head of the Engineering/Computing/Games Design section the placement year makes a real difference and also helps job prospects. Bailey is really excited about the possibility of the placement year, he could even be working abroad...

I don't really have many photos but I did take this one of the entrance hall, which I thought was pretty cool. One of the staff members showed me around the different display's of Derby students. One that looked instantly familiar was that of Paul Cummins-he was the artist behind the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Poppy Installation at the Tower of London. Which we had only seen two weeks before at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I hadn't realised he was from Chesterfield and did his degree at Derby University. He had kindly loaned the university this metal/ceramic creation from his studio.

There was also a successful Lego designer and an award winning storyteller.

(He took notes on the talk in his Zelda note book :D)
We still have several more open days to visit and Bailey has lots more to think about, so strange to think he will be 18 next year and possibly at university and able to drive!!!!!!


  1. Exciting stuff !! :) both my god-children are at University on courses that include placement years. It really does help future job prospects, gives youngsters an 'edge' when they come to seek employment. Lots of luck to Bailey-he has lots to ponder on xx

    1. Yes Sandra it is :) The placement year is a really good idea and they even get paid for it to, he said somewhere between 16-28k which is not bad whilst your at university! One down, four more to go xx