Sunday, 13 September 2015

UltraCon at Sheffield's Magna

Another weekend another comic con-5 in 6 weekends for hubby and I!-it has very much become our "thing" this year. We do enjoy it so! Cordelia went as Toy Bonnie again-she gets such a lot of love in that costume. So many younger kids wanting high fives and pictures taken with her :)

It was our third comic con at Sheffield's Magna this year but this was run by a new organisation, it was still incredibly busy but the main hall was much better with fewer stalls and lots more film props.

Cordelia with Captain America and Red Skull-she even got to hold the shield!

There were lots of Star Wars related props, I suppose due to the new film coming out soon, I thought this group of R2D2's were really cute!

Boba Fett was very cool, he could only speak through a voice changing thing which was very cool, we thought he was really funny ;)

The Star Wars AT-AT in the centre of the room was pretty epic! Ruben has a much smaller one which he's always called "space doggy"..

Cordelia and Ruben:

The Hero Cave was really cool, full of vintage Batman vehicles and the newer Batmobile. Plus the Jurassic Park jeep!

They even had the Stay Puft guy from Ghostbusters! He was so cool so I couldn't resist a selfie!

Even a Jabba the Hut!

And ewoks!

There was some great Lego on display too, Ruben loved these Pokemon designs:

The guy from Bricks magazine (the Lego magazine featured on channel 4's The Secret World of Lego) was there so I got to have a little chat with him :) he was really nice and the magazine looks very cool!

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