Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NOT Back to School 2015-Our 8th One!

Feeling reflective today knowing that Ruben would be having his first day at Secondary ("Big School"), seems strange that he has never experienced school but also really wonderful. Hubby and I had a chat this morning and we both said Ruben would be a totally different child had he gone to school, I suppose they all would but he has always just been so organic that it's strange to think he would be so different. Piper was at school for 2 1/4 years and Cordelia 1 1/4 years, Bailey was the longest at 4 years and 9 months-that makes me sad but I'm happy he was home educated longer than he was at school.

We ALL, even Bailey-who is back at college this week!- got up and out of the house today before 10am, that's a first in a long time. Since the weather was forecast for rain this afternoon we tried to get out whilst it was nice, we headed to one of our favourite walks at Linacre Reservoir.

Being silly and running on logs!

Thanks to the algae the water was a really lovely colour:


Bailey photobombing...

Saw some baby trout here:

Looks so pretty, a bit like paradise

Really I shouldn't push my luck trying to get a photo of the four of them when I managed to get several!

Back home via the shop for this week's Kerrang magazine-Bring Me The Horizon on the front so we HAD to get it, it used to be Smash Hits when I was a teen-my girls are way cooler than I ever was. An afternoon of the LOTR Two Towers, Minecraft, more chess games, art and Piper made this:

I also made a caramel cheesecake for tonight's Great British Bake Off. Ruben has had a lovely phone conversation over the phone with his friend SD he can't wait for him to get home next week :)

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