Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday Art

Really gloomy Monday here today, non stop rain all day long. Thankfully we had planned a full day at home, renewing library books, working on IGCSE English (girls) and looking for steampunk props (Ruben). Cordelia did some reading on Cezanne, she made quite a lot of notes about his early life and inspiration before having a go at her own still life picture with some oil paints, we didn't have the right paper unfortunately so she went with pastels instead. She picked my vase of birthday flowers:

I really love the finished picture:

We had a great chat about Paris and why so many artists go there for inspiration, we all really want to go back again soon, we really enjoyed our time there so much!

The afternoon was spent with everyone in their rooms mainly, Ruben was skyping his friend SD and playing Minecraft, Piper was drawing/listening to music/on Tumblr. Cordelia brought these pictures down to show me:

I love her drawing style so much:

She sat with me chatting and drinking hot chocolate and even helped me with the meat and potato pie for tea. Loving the warming autumn meals I have planned this week, the slow cooker is back in the kitchen.

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