Monday, 21 September 2015

Heroclix and Attack on Titan!

I popped out with Piper for a bit this morning so Hubby was in charge, he had a game of Heroclix as requested by Ruben. He's decided to get back into it again, I wrote about it on the blog nearly two years that the boys and Cordelia really got into playing. We even took it away to Center Parcs with us in January 2014:

Meanwhile, inspired by some Anime Cordelia has started making plans for yet another cosplay costume. This time an Attack on Titans costume. She has been drawing costume plans:

And props

And hubby found her some perfect boxes to create the props she needed to make:

They will go on her sides like this:

Still need some re sizing and painting but its a good start. Whilst Piper and I were out we bought the Avengers Age of Ultron DVD from Sainsbury's and Piper bought herself this lovely colouring book:


So the evening was spent watching the film with popcorn-all of us even Bailey sat and watched it again!-and Piper colouring in her new book. Pretty chilled out Monday :)

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