Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hello September

Funny, it seemed much quieter in our village today and I'm sure the schools here don't even start back until tomorrow! Love September, always one of my favourite months and not just because its my birthday next week!
We've had a quiet morning, we started watching the first Lord of the Rings film, the younger three used to watch the films all the time so it's strange to re-watch it again. Bailey took time out of getting-ready-for-back-to-college to play chess with Ruben. He watched a program on tv yesterday morning and there was a speed chess competition and started asking if we could play-took us a while to locate our chess set since we moved all our board games into the garage. We used to play board games all the time but thanks to online games its a lot more rare! Hubby dug it out and also had a game with Ruben too :)

Piper is still feeling pretty rubbish today so I rearranged her orthodontist appointment tomorrow until she is hopefully feeling better. She has spent a lot of the day in her room again, she likes the quiet when she isn't well. She has been busy making more hair bows-you can never have too many apparently, these are really cute:

Cordelia and I took Hubby's nan to the supermarket this afternoon, it was even quiet in there! Like everyone has gone into hibernation! Hubby helped his granddad with some gardening and then it was home for tea and to finish watching the Lord of the Rings.

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