Monday, 28 September 2015

Fiery Monday's

A slow start in the Pesky Hobbits household, for some of us anyway! Hubby and I decided a whole bedroom move around was required in our room so we started early enough so Bailey was around before college to help with the moving of furniture. My back is really bad at the moment so I'm not that capable of moving anything too heavy. Result is one really nice space in our room :)

After the excitement of furniture moving, Bailey headed off to college and we five ended up all sat around the kitchen table doing different things. Hubby and Ruben playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Cordelia finishing another Attack on Titan picture she started last night, 

I caught up on emails and Piper did some IGCSE English. The last one didn't go so well, so we changed and did some cursive writing/letter writing practice. Piper is struggling to see the point in letter writing by hand when she can just use a keyboard. So rather than letting it put a downer on the rest of the day, her and I made pancakes instead! Mondays are just a bit too much for some of us some weeks. Ruben meanwhile decided to have a go at making a small comic based on the game he is currently playing online with friends called Terraria. He started with 30 pages but I talked him more realistically into just starting with 4 and seeing how you get on. He's started a story on the front of page one today before lunch.

After lunch the girls hung out upstairs, giggling and drawing together. Cordelia managed to get her swords finished off from yesterday by adding the dry brushing/shading details. 

They look really good. Piper is enjoying experimenting with the new pastel coloured sharpie pens she bought from Meadowhall yesterday, they are really lovely colours. Ruben played online with friends. I managed some yoga which my back is really not happy about right now and then we had tea outside over a fire. Hot dogs and jacket potatoes-getting into that Autumnal spirit ready for bonfire night. There has been lots of talk about halloween costumes and what we could/should do for the upcoming holiday, which for our children is just as exciting, if not more so, as Christmas!

Cordelia and I read a story in the Guardian today about the ban on young climbers up on Everest. I took her for some 1:1 time last week to watch the Everest film, it was a really amazing film but pretty sad. We keep seeing lots of connections and have had some great chats about Everest this past week. We didn't realise until reading today's article that the youngest person to climb Everest was only 13 years old!!! There's actually been two 13 year olds at the summit which is amazing. Thankfully Cordelia has no such desire to climb the summit of Everest.

And that winds up Monday at the Hobbit Hole :)

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