Thursday, 10 September 2015

Birthday Mom, baking, cosplay, higher education!

I've not been very well the last week so haven't had much chance to blog. It's been a very quiet week, the girls and Ruben had a sleepover at their grandparents at the weekend. They had a great time and hubby and I had a very rare treat of a night away in a hotel, a meal out and an entire day out by ourselves! Admittedly we were working all day on our stall at the comic con but it was still lovely spending time alone.

Yesterday was my birthday, but we had a quiet day as I am still unwell with this cold. The girls made me a beautiful pic n mix birthday cake, decorating it whist Hubby and I visited his grandparents. His grandma had a bad fall on Monday and has broken her shoulder, so we went and did them some food shopping and hubby took me for a coffee. 

Hubby and Bailey bought me some lovely flowers (which you can see in the background behind my yummy cake!)

Cordelia drew me this picture (I've been re-watching my favourite TV series whilst I've been unwell)

And Ruben made me this cool birthday card, inside he had made me a hama bead cross with a B
for Buffy on-so sweet.

Piper made me a lovely hair bow :)) I'm so lucky to have such thoughtful children :)

Coffee and a Krispy Kreme! 

Meanwhile, other things going off in the house include, Ruben being so excited to have his friend back from holidays :D They've been laughing and playing on skype/minecraft and Team Fortress 2. He's been doing hama beads, reading, playing Lego, reading about the new Pokemon game and Minecraft obviously.

Cordelia has been playing around with her cosplay make-up for another weekend comic con, she is getting very good at fake eyelashes-something which I've never learnt to master...

Make-up too!

Piper has been feeling a bit unwell with her teeth, she had her first brace tightening this week so she's been in a bit of pain. We popped to the shops this week to stock up on some autumn clothing. Ruben is in age 13 jeans now which are huge on his waist but only just long even in the leg-he's had such a growth spurt and has gone up but not out, he's so slim. Even the skinny jeans look baggy on him! He got a lovely, bright coloured coat-love that it doesn't have to have black/navy coats!Cordelia needed new jeans too, she and Piper are both in the women's section now. Piper bought shorts but has teemed them with thick autumn tights!

Bailey started back at college this week and yesterday finally got his results back from his first year at college-he got a distinction :D We are so proud of him and his hard work, he's excited to get on with this next year and has booked several University Open Days for the next coming months, all new and exciting! He's been busy working and is starting to think about maybe learning to drive....eeeek!

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