Sunday, 27 September 2015

Attack on Titan Cosplay Weapons-Cordelia's current obsession..

Cosplay continues to be a main theme at home this week, Cordelia has been in full on Attack on Titan mode, having watched the entire season on Netflix. Its spilled into her art, drawings and music/videos watched on YouTube. She has talked about it a lot with all of us, but then that is what I love most about home educating-the focus of attention when they fall in love with something in particular. It becomes all consuming, she is such a passionate, self motivated and energetic girl that its impossible not to get caught up in her interests! 

I love how she draws all day, everyday without any prompts, she has been so busy this week with commissions on DeviantArt that she has made herself $45 from people buying her art! She has used this money to buy the pieces she needs for her next cosplay costume, how resourceful she is! These life skills that she is putting into practice are so important, she is so mature for her 13 years and so self motivated. She already has a business mind, finding ways to turn her art into a business to fund her cosplay designs/costumes.

This week she has done work on her swords with Hubby cutting them out of MDF-at this rate we are going to require an extra room in our house just for cosplay props!- she has spent ages cutting the detailing out of foam pieces, gluing it on the handles of the swords and today has sprayed them silver. She has some more detailing which she is going to do with paint shading to give the effect of age. Something she has done before with a LOTR sword and her Link shield.

Poor grass! It's always being sprayed different colours!

These are some of her drawings just this past week:

I'm particularly in awe of this recent piece:

Here she is showing me how she created his eye:

Will post an update of the swords when she has finished with the detailing.

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  1. She seems like such cool girl :-). I'd have loved to have known her when I was 13! Rudy is starting to show an interest in making masks/costumes, I wish I was a bit better at helping him with his ideas though. Or maybe he'll do better finding his own way!