Sunday, 9 August 2015

Yorkshire Cosplay Con 8

Saturday came around so quickly and the girls and Ruben were so excited to get dressed up for Yorkshire Comic Con 8. I was a little apprehensive after the last time we went back in April, the queues were so long and it was so overcrowded inside that Piper had a panic attack and we had to leave after 15 minutes! Thankfully this time around it was completely different and there was no queues and about 1/3 of the people.

Piper was excited as she knew several Lolita friends who were going to the con and two of her friends were doing a Lolita panel so she really wanted to show her support. The Lolita friends she has met have been so wonderful, they are such kind, generous and thoughtful girls, I'm so happy she has made some lovely friendships.

One of her friends, who couldn't make it today, sent her this dress, blouse and wig in the post a few months ago and she was delighted to have the opportunity to wear it, she looked stunning: 

Cordelia had been busy all week getting her Emo Link costume ready, it came together so well and she got lots of comments and requests for photographs. 

My two opposite daughters! Was so funny at one point to see them running towards each other for a hug-like light meets dark...

Ruben is still working on his steampunk costume so went in his Shredder costume from last time, he still looks rather cool in my opinion..

I love this photo of the three of them:

Not many photos from inside as it was a bit dark but Ruben had a great time playing some older video games including Super Smash on the Gamecube, which he now wants for the Wii. He has the Wii version already and the 3DS version but he thinks the gamecube version is really cool.

Piper was overwhelmed to meet one of her Youtube idols-Fetsu. And was even more excited when Fetsu asked to take a selfie with her!!!!

We stayed for around 4-5 hours and it was a much more relaxed atmosphere than last time, it was great to just sit and see all the different costumes people were wearing. Hubby had spent quite a while on his Gambit (from X-MEN in case you were wondering!) costume and looked really cool:

Everyone is very excited about this weekend's next Comic Con!

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