Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday Tattoos

A lovely chilled morning watching Ruben do more Pokemon Hama beads with Bibby the cat snoozing in the background!

Hubby and I popped out to his grandparents briefly-hubby to do some gardening and I took his grandma shopping. They've always been so kind to me and treated me like a granddaughter so it's nice to help them out. 

I came back home briefly, chatted to the girls and Bailey. The girls have been doing more art and Pipers nearly finished her skirt. I took Ruben over to his friend R & M's for the afternoon and their dad looked after them whilst their mum and I had an afternoon out having a cuppa and catch up and I went with her for her birthday tattoo. Which was very cool and the first time I've ever seen anyone get a tattoo! Two days, two different coffee shops-lucky me! View from the coffee shop window in Chesterfield: (rainy)

Ruben had a great afternoon with lots of Nintendo WiiU games, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, Pixelmon and then back home for tea! Cordy did these fantastic pictures whilst I was out:

I showed one of the tattoo artists Cordelia's Alien drawing and he said it was really amazing, especially given she's self taught and only 13. She was really pleased with the feedback!

Insidious 2 tonight *sigh* things you do for your children. Although the first film wasn't too bad last night, bit jumpy though..

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