Thursday, 27 August 2015

Teenage Thursday

Last night, just as we were getting ready for the Bake Off to start Cordelia surprised me by coming down in her Springtrap (FNAF) make up. She's think of getting into special effects make up at the minute so she's practicing and loves to scare me!

The cake was okay, even though Hubby and Rube's had made a few mistakes. 

Cordelia woke up with a sore throat and so sent me a message to go climb in her bed for mummy cuddles. I made her a hot chocolate and she tidied her room and was feeling much better. Everyone did their chores this morning before we had a lovely visit from family, my aunt and two of my cousins.

Sunflowers growing in the garden-they seem to have taken ages to grow but look lovely :)

I picked out first homegrown cucumber from the garden to have in salad at lunch, was delicious except the skin which was really tough-maybe left it too long?-so peeled it before adding to the salad.

The girls had a fantastic time with their second cousin M who is the same age as Piper:

I didn't see Ruben all day either because he was playing with J who is the same age as him-she was due after Ruben but as every other baby did, came before him! So she's 12 days older. They had a great time playing Minecraft on the Xbox, steam games on the PC and watching FNAF on YouTube. Had some delicious cupcakes baked by my aunt after lunch too.

 Kids sad to say goodbye, they get on so well.

Cordelia wore the top I'd bought her yesterday, looks very cute on her.

Finished Pokemon picture up in the bathroom/geek gallery:

Everyone suitably shattered, it's been a week of socialisation so far hehe. Bailey is doing his first full shift at his new job, so hoping that goes okay for him.  Off to a Vegan cookery class tonight run by one of my very good friends :)

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