Saturday, 29 August 2015

Slow Saturday

Not much has happened today, its been a very slow Saturday but its been nice to have more of a home day except a trip to do the food shopping.

Cordelia spent late last night painting a material doll that Piper had made ages ago, she has turned it into a Five Nights at Freddy's character called Marionette. Its a bit creepy-is what I said but she thinks not...She is planning on taking it with her tomorrow after putting the last finishing touches to it this afternoon.

Thankfully Cordelia is feeling much better today so we did a team effort at tidying her bedroom and getting rid of her cabinet to make more space, her desk takes up a lot of space as its so big. She is such an artist with paper/pencils everywhere and the mess!!! She never hangs anything up so I spent at least half an hour hanging clothes up in her bedroom, it looks much nicer in there now and her art is much more organised!

Ruben is feeling rubbish today as now he has started with a cold/sore throat. His friend SD who is away, and who he is missing lots, skyped today but they only chatted for a short while as Ruben's throat was hurting too much to talk. He's watched a bit of Avatar, the Last Airbender today but mainly has played Minecraft with another couple of friends.

Mainly hubby and I have been downstairs on our own, even fitting in a daytime game of scrabble! We all had tea together before they headed back off to their rooms for more internet. The older three are all coming down later to watch Aliens, whilst Ruben is in bed.

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