Friday, 21 August 2015

Sheffield Comic Con 2015 & the girls meet Oli Sykes!!

The previous weekend-how did it get to Friday already?-we spent the entire weekend in Sheffield's Motorpoint Arena taking our Ebay store into our first big comic convention. It was really exciting, so many fun things to see and we met lots of new people. You might have noticed we quite like cosplay in our house, (comic con's two weekends on the trot, no?) so for us a great place to be. Hubby and I were by ourselves all day on Saturday but we bought all of the Four Pesky Hobbits tickets for Sunday. My mother in law kindly dropped them off at the arena for 10.30 (we had to be there to open at 9am), I popped into Starbucks-hubby and I were feeling pretty tired at this point and needed a good coffee pick me up-to lots of stares, this was due to the costumes my youngest two were wearing. Its very surreal when you walk around a big retail park with people going for Sunday brunches to find Sauron walking towards you, things like that (sadly) just don't happen everyday. I really enjoy our life, its so cool that we can enjoy doing these things together as a family and I'm so pleased that our children can be involved in our business too.

Again it was as busy as Saturday. both days had apparently sold out meaning around 13,000 people each day! There were some really great cosplayers both days, but here are some of my favourite's over the weekend:

(We happen to know these cool cosplayers,above, in real life too!)

The atmosphere is so lovely, its all very friendly and lots of laughing and joking. The children had a great time, Bailey bought lots of things for his bedroom including a cool Alien art print. Ruben bought a Pokemon plush-which Bailey posed for a photo with:

The girls managed to hang out with their friends and do shopping, Piper bought jewellery in pastel colours and Cordelia bought a Deathnote necklace. They were a bit tired out and so could go and chill out across from us in the arena seats...

Here is Ruben in his Steampunk Pokemon Trainer costume, he looked very smart. It was a bit last minute so he still has more things to add to it, I was so tired Saturday night but he decided at 9pm to put it all together for Sunday morning so I had to do some gluing and sewing Pokemon on to the waistcoat, life of a cosplay mum...

Cordelia had diligently worked on her costume all week and looked great as Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's:

Just as things were winding down and I was thinking of taking the children home they met a really cool group of other teens and went off. Just down from our stall there was a bit of a commotion from my two girls, I could see them having photo's taken with a boy and stupidly thought someone had done a cosplay of Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, only to realise that it was actually him! I suppose at least I knew who he was so I'm not totally uncool...

I think this might be the most exciting day of the girls lives like ...EVER. He was so kind and posed for photo's with both of them

And a little later both he and his gorgeous wife (whom I got to chat too!!!, she was so lovely) kindly signed Cordelia's cosplay guitar-with eye liner, how rock n roll! Most treasured item ever for her.

So wonderful when you get to meet someone you have posters on your wall of and they get to be such friendly, kind people in real life. Unexpected and exciting end to the weekend!

Bailey and Piper headed back home on the tram whilst Cordelia and Ruben came back with us in the car. Loading our stock back into the car was a bit of a surreal experience when I saw both the Back to the Future's DeLorean being loaded onto a truck and the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones being loaded into another truck...

A lot of fans were having their photo's taken with a replica of the Back to the Future clock so was a bit weird to see it at the end of the day with bags of rubbish and empty chairs surrounding it..


Here's hubby and I #selfie

Fab weekend :-D

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