Friday, 14 August 2015

Middle of the Month

Halfway through August already and a quiet month of blogging for me, I've took a bit of a step back from being online, more for my own sanity than anything else. A few other bloggers I read have had similar feelings too about being online so its not just me! I've been feeling very rundown, stressed and had little energy for anything much at all so I've tried being a bit kinder to myself this week-muchly helped by not reading so much negative stuff online. I've given some different foods/snacks up this week and it made me feel so lethargic and I've had one long headache for 4 days, today I'm starting to feel my energy levels coming back and the headache is slowly fading....

Ruben and I had a lovely walk just the two of us this week, part of my exercise/well being and also great to have one on one time with my youngest boy. He literally didn't stop talking the whole 50 minutes of our power walk-even on the big hills! He has had a good week doing lots to his Minecraft Realm, which he is really enjoying. He's also started watching the Avatar series on Netflix which he is really enjoying, Hubby managed to find some Avatar figures at the car boot so he has been playing with them quite a bit. We decided to watch the Last Airbender film, which is based on the cartoon series, unfortunately it was nowhere near as good! But it gave us something to discuss, he's working his way slowly through all three series on Netflix and its become part of his new morning routine! We had a trip to the park with my niece, it was so busy as the weather was glorious, so we headed to the museum for the air conditioning and Hubby took Ruben for his hair cut, its grown so long again.

Cordelia has been really busy this week with her cosplay, she's designed and created a new cosplay all in the space of a 5 days. She has even created herself a facebook page to showcase all her new creations. She had another sleepover with my Goddaughter this week, she is the same age as Ruben but her and Cordelia get on so well, they spent most of the evening watching films of the jumpy variety! She has done some lovely pieces of art this week including lots of designs! She even came out food shopping with Hubby and I and afterwards we sat and had a lovely coffee. I managed to find someone's lost mobile phone in the coffee shop and handed it in, the very relieved man came half an hour later and said thank you. I lost my mobile phone in a field at the car boot last weekend-because I was so tired-and some very kind car booter handed it back in, its weird to be so relieved about a phone but when you have so much on it-notes, photos, messages-and the cost of a replacement!- its hard not to be precious about it!

Here she is dressed as Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's:

Piper has had a fab time with her friend this week, she came over to stay-on the same night as Cordelia had my Goddaughter to stay, so that made for 6 children! You wouldn't have known it though, apart from the cake crumbs on the kitchen floor (seriously missing Tallulah's cleaning skills there). I baked quite a bit-cupcakes, chocolate brownies, Cordelia made fudge and white chocolate cookies, it makes watching the Great British Bake Off much easier which home made goodies! Although I only had a very small slice of brownie...

Piper and her friend J went off to Meadowhall for the day-nearly 8 hours of shopping!! She had a fabulous time and has spent the majority of today in her room drawing-I think she is a little worn out to be honest. Hubby, the boys and I managed to see several meteors during the Perseid shower, We had such clear skies and it was a real treat to be sat in the garden so late at night, admittedly I was wrapped in a sleeping bag my winter coat and laid in my deck chair! The four girls did pop down for a bit and managed to see 1 or 2 meteors but quickly went back off to watch films/Anime.

I forgot to mention last week that our story was featured in Parent Tribe magazine this month, you can read it here if your interested,

Bailey had a job interview this week, its for a computer shop so he was pretty pleased, he is still waiting to hear back but he said it went well and its only his first real interview so I think he has done amazing. He is such a confident 17 year old.

And that has been our week wrapped up with a very rainy Friday. A full day at home and Ruben, Cordelia and I have sat and re-watched Wreck it Ralph-such a lovely film!

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