Monday, 24 August 2015

Horror and Hama...

We have a very full week this week-not a free day until Saturday :) We had a chilled morning but left at 10 to walk to the library. It's been really overcast today but thankfully its stayed dry, its about a 25 minute walk to the library and all down hill on the way there so its a good walk. There's a new field of horses in the field near us which are very friendly, Cordelia and Ruben spent a while stroking them.

Whilst hubby, Piper and I walked off-we are all a bit scared of horses!

A few errands in the shopping centre, then into the library. Piper got some graphic novels based on female superheroes-Black Widow and Batgirl. Love Batgirl's costume on the front cover:

Cordelia got a drawing book and Ruben a TinTin book-he's currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Its lovely to see him reading a book both his big sisters have loved and read so many times.

Back home Ruben is still continuing his Pokemon hama beads, adding Ponytar to make four now:

And he's done Ampharos this afternoon too and he's waiting to be ironed:

I popped out for a bit to meet my friend for a coffee and a catch up and when I came back the girls were busy drawing and sewing. Hubby, Bailey, Piper, Cordelia and I sat and watched the original Alien film last night. The girls have started getting into horror films recently, since we have a family friend who is a huge horror film fan-he even runs his own horror film festival every year-I asked him to make us a list of films he thought the girls would like that weren't too horrific. I'm not a huge horror movie fan but alas, when your children get into things you end up watching them too. Last week we watched Babadook, which was okay. Hubby decided last night we all needed to watch the classic that is Alien, it was actually not too bad. The girls and Bailey really enjoyed it, I can't believe it was out before I was even born! Tonight they have us watching Insidious-which they've both already seen-not sure how I feel about that but will see...

Cordelia has been thinking about making art to sell and so had a practice at drawing the alien..

I do think its good, even though its not my cup of tea!
Piper has spent the last two days working on a Lolita skirt with the material we bought back in March, we turned it into a dress back in June but she didn't like it so she's adapted it to a high waisted skirt instead. Its looking really good so far and she's nearly finished the waistband today, just the zip to do next and then it's all done.

Love the fabric :) Cordelia got a lovely surprise in the post today, a horse bracelet from her online friend. Ruben has been playing Minecraft but is really missing his friend SD who is currently on holiday, he's been working on the second rollercoaster on his realm-its been a full month since he got the realm! Bailey is full of cold and so we've all been staying out of his way so as not to catch it. He started his new job yesterday and it went well, its not the best wages but close to home and much easier than working in a pub kitchen like his last job. Hopefully his cold will have gone before he has to work again this week.

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