Friday, 21 August 2015

Home educating in the summer..

We are still home educating even though its the holidays because home education is always a continuation, weekends, evenings, early mornings-its all part of the process for us. Previous summers have seen us out much more than we are this year but that's cool, I'm enjoying being home a bit more, its given me chance to do more of my hobbies. Amazingly August has seen us be very social, seeing friends and family.

Piper has been back to sewing projects and even some drawing, she has been busy making some new friends and keeping in contact with her widening social group. Her and Cordelia have been working through the IGCSE English book as well as hanging out watching films, anime and listening to lots of new music...

Cordelia has been mainly planning her next cosplay costume and the next event she can go to. I think she would have us at a comic con every weekend if we could afford it! She has been researching dog breeds for us, her and Ruben are desperate for a puppy at the moment and we are seriously considering it. She's been drawing on her tablet, as well as doing some hand drawn art including this lovely bird for her great-granddads birthday:

Ruben has been such a different boy the past two weeks, he has been playing on his friend's realm and they have built some amazing things on there. They get along so well and he is always laughing and having fun. He showed me around the realm last night and what they were building together, so lovely to see their designs. Just shows what a difference having the right friends around will do. He's so much calmer when he comes off line in the evening, around 8.30pm. We've been watching the new series of Yonderland, which has been just as funny as Series 1. He has been creating some fab Pokemon hama beads to frame:

We have had a couple of days out this week, yesterday we met up with friends for a lovely walk in the Peak District, Cordelia was feeling a bit rubbish but was spurred on by chocolate mini rolls, kindly provided by our friends :-)

The younger four all perked up when we bumped into some llamas! Piper, myself and Red stood a safe enough distance away to watch-and also have a quick breather!-think they could have stood there for hours, they even found a piece of fur and brought it up to show us. See, their always learning even when we aren't teaching...

Ice cold drinks and a lovely big tree to climb, what more could you ask for? They were very happy up here. Ruben spent lots of time hugging and stroking our friends lovely, black Labrador and giving me "please can we have a puppy? eyes". He was very sweet and we are missing our lovely little dog Tallulah.

Wednesday we had  a trip to Meadowhall, Bailey and Ruben went to see Pixels in the cinema, the girls headed off for lunch and shopping and so Hubby and I got to have the rare treat of going out for lunch together. Was very nice :-)

After we all met back up again we took Bailey shopping for new work trousers and shoes since he got the job he was interviewed for last week :-DD So very proud of him, can't believe its been a year since we were waiting on his GCSE results and here he is with his second part time job and going into his second year at college.

Cordelia chose the mirror as an opportunity to take a mum and daughter #selfie. I rarely like photos of me but love this one :)

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