Friday, 28 August 2015

Beach Bum Friday's!

Really enjoyed my evening of vegan cookery last night, made a vegan alternative to Parmesan cheese, a very healthy chocolate mousse and mayonnaise. Felt very strange driving home in the dark by myself-what a luxury ;)

This morning we left early with Piper and Ruben-Bailey didn't fancy it and Cordelia was feeling a bit under the weather so stayed home too. We picked our niece up early and headed to our nearest beach, which is still a bit of a drive but sometimes you just NEED to see the Sea even if the tide is miles out!

I'm feeling quite tired today and a bit socialised-out after a really busy week. My anxiety levels have been high as they always are in situations with new people/new things/such a busy schedule  this week and think I'll have to plan better in future not to have so many days in a row being so social. It's been lovely to catch up with friends though and much needed especially as we head towards September wobbly periods, I've realised this week with one thing and another that I'm very lucky to have such wonderful, supportive and kind friends around me-you know who you are :D

First up was a play on the sand, sandcastle building, shell collecting, digging holes, splashing in puddles and eating sandwiches :) this all lasts much longer with a toddler in tow ;)

Very therapeutic :)

Then we had a walk up to the main bit, which was really busy but Piper and Ruben wanted to play on the 2p machines....

Then we had chips and ice creams!

Our cheeky little niece eating hubbys flake :)

We headed to the paddling pool for our niece who loves water. I wish I'd brought Ruben's swim shorts because I think he'd have liked to go in too!

Then we headed on to the boating lake-Ruben's wanted to have a go in a pedalo boat for ages so him and hubby hired one and off they went, us Girls sat and watched-it looked tiring! But Ruben said "Mom thank you I've wanted to do that for ages!" Which was sweet.

We had a big play in the sandpit playground before having tea in MacDonalds (seaside makes you SO hungry!) and heading home. All shattered so sitting with a cuppa and watching Yonderland :D with the boys whilst the girls hang out.


  1. Beautiful beach-whereabouts is this Zoe ?

    1. Its Cleethorpes beach Sandra, very popular up here as its the nearest beach when you are in Sheffield. Lovely sandy beach :)