Monday, 31 August 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

A total day in for a very rainy and miserable Bank Holiday Monday, thankfully we had no where to be and no real desire to leave the house! I was pretty tired after a house alarm nearby decided to set off at midnight for half an hour and then again at 4am for another half an hour, so awoke to a headache! 

Cordelia has sat downstairs with us all day whilst we have had a Hobbit Movie marathon, the first movie, second movie and the final movie-which we haven't seen since Piper's birthday last year when we went to the cinema to see it-it was actually really good to watch all the films back to back! Bailey, Ruben and Piper all popped in to watch bits too....and even Bibby the cat enjoyed a lazy day in front of the television as you can see:

Piper was feeling pretty rubbish today, sore throat and full of cold so she spent most of the day laid on her bed drawing/on the internet. Ruben is still full of cold but is better than he was yesterday, he's had fun playing Minecraft with his friend today and showed me around what they had been building together-always lovely to see him being so creative. Cordelia has been drawing whilst we were watching the Hobbit films, back to horses again and thinking of new cosplay ideas!

Hubby made home made pizzas for tea and an evening watching the MTV VMA's with both girls-as always lots to talk about!

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