Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bake-Off Wednesday

Continuing our social, busy week with an afternoon trip for us girls to see friends, I met A's mum for another coffee-3 days in a row of coffee shops, lucky me!-And the girls met up with A to have a mooch around the shops. Great to have a catch up, even though I'm feeling a bit tired today. 

I managed to pick Cordelia up a really cool top/dress from the charity shop today which she loves :) Back home Hubby and Ruben have been baking in preparation for tonight's Great British Bake Off, it's funny because it used to be Cordelia who would do the majority of the baking but she is too busy doing her art and rarely has time to bake.

Today she has produced these two pieces of Five Nights at Freddy's art: 

They look really cool and I love her shading techniques. She's bought some more lining pens today, they were quite expensive but are really good make, she goes through them really fast. She's been busy this afternoon doing some designing for me on a little project. 

Piper managed to finish her skirt this afternoon, putting in a zip rather than an elastic waist, it fits her really well-she's going to let me take a photo tomorrow as the light isn't great now and she wants to see what works well with it, clothes wise.

Ruben finished his sixth Pokemon hama bead figure-he's done everyone's favourite and so we are now just seeing how we can fit them all in a frame for our geek gallery in the downstairs bathroom. He's been building more on his realm today and doing lots of Pixel art, he got a message from his friend SD today saying he's missing him too so hoping they can get a bit of sykpe time together at some point, its so sweet.

Ready for a cuppa, a piece of this lovely cake and GBBO...

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