Thursday, 6 August 2015

#August #Summer #Catchups

We've had a really lovely day today but sadly I forgot to take any photo's-such a shame as I was watching the girls, Ruben and their two BFF's walk ahead and thought what a cool group they looked! They definitely stood out amongst the sea of other children enjoying their school holidays, they looked so much more confident and grown up. Can't help wondering why that is?

We met up with friends for a walk around a country park today and they did this amazing thing of chatting/walking, playing in the lake, finding things, running, being silly and all without the aid of wifi. I know its always possible but it still feels a little miraculous when it happens and it was so wonderful to watch them all being totally silly and carefree, two 11 year olds, two 13 year olds and one 14 year old and they all chopped and changed who they were talking too. At one point four of them were in the lake laughing, splashing and apparently being shown treasure (in the form of a ten pence piece) by a swan-I kid you not! Also found was a silver spoon which Ruben spent lots of time trying to dig with....

We've had a bit of a home week this week, Hubby has been playing hair stylists with the girls and I and each of us are sporting newly coloured hair! I've just had my roots done whilst Piper has gone for a bright blue colour:

And Cordelia has had a dip dye!

Ruben wants his hair done in purple (no surprise with his big sisters!) but I think we'll hold off on that for at least a little while.....

There's been lots of preparation for the weekend's cosplay event-August is proving a busy month for comic cons etc. Lots of glue guns/sewing/trying on costumes and for Cordelia she is already planning on her next costume, she is always looking ahead to her next costume! Lots of Five Nights at Freddie's inspired costumes and talk! I will no doubt be putting some photo's on over the weekend of what everyone wears.

Yesterday Cordelia and I made a black version of the green Link elf hat to go with her costume, she did all the marking out, we basically just traced around the green hat onto some black fabric we had in the cupboards. It took about 15 minutes all together, and cost nothing compared to the £15 ones on Ebay!

She's also been working on her shield with the help of hubby, here she is giving it a coat of silver paint....

And Hubby cut out the foam shapes for the pattern whilst Cordelia painted them red:

We'd bought some studs from Ebay and hubby drilled holes into the mdf and screwed them in-it looks so effective. He's getting pretty good at all this cosplay business-his own costume is brilliant, can't wait to share it!

Last weekend we went to watch Bailey play football in a charity fundraiser, it was for one of his friends nieces and even though its not really his thing, I was so impressed that he really put himself out there and gave it a go, he even ended up playing against his uncle, which was a surprise! Thankfully there were no injuries..

And we had a lovely time cheering him on and Cordelia and Ruben even got balloon animals-they had to fight amongst all the tiny children to get specific colours...

A photo of Bailey wearing a cyberman helmet for no reason other than I find it entertaining...

Meanwhile in the garden things are starting to grow, including some new things we are trying. Our very first cucumber has grown this week:

And our first batch of broccoli is doing really well

Ruben has had a very on/off week online, he's definitely learning lots about friendships this week and we've been so impressed with his maturity dealing with situations that are out of his comfort zone. He's really learnt to realise when he is not comfortable with a friend's behaviour and that he is not going to be pushed around, such important life skills for dealing with people in real life. Its great that he is so open and honest when these things happen and comes and talks to us, asking us for advice on what he should do or how he should reply to messages. Ultimately we have left the decision to him and I'm so pleased that he has learnt to say "no" when he is not comfortable with something.

He's made yet more progress with his Minecraft realm and the first rollercoaster is really pretty epic. He's been showing/talking us through his progress on a daily basis which has been so interesting and keeping a diary of his plans for the realm. He's been watching Harry Potter films and also started reading The Order of the Phoenix, his sisters are huge HP fans and it seems to be rubbing off on him too.

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  1. Such a lovely day today and the kids did all look like the cool crew in the sun! I'm loving watching them all growing into their own personalities but still enjoy each others company and being daft together. However I'm really jealous of your broccoli - mine doesn't like our soil at all. Have a fab cosplay weekend xx