Monday, 31 August 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

A total day in for a very rainy and miserable Bank Holiday Monday, thankfully we had no where to be and no real desire to leave the house! I was pretty tired after a house alarm nearby decided to set off at midnight for half an hour and then again at 4am for another half an hour, so awoke to a headache! 

Cordelia has sat downstairs with us all day whilst we have had a Hobbit Movie marathon, the first movie, second movie and the final movie-which we haven't seen since Piper's birthday last year when we went to the cinema to see it-it was actually really good to watch all the films back to back! Bailey, Ruben and Piper all popped in to watch bits too....and even Bibby the cat enjoyed a lazy day in front of the television as you can see:

Piper was feeling pretty rubbish today, sore throat and full of cold so she spent most of the day laid on her bed drawing/on the internet. Ruben is still full of cold but is better than he was yesterday, he's had fun playing Minecraft with his friend today and showed me around what they had been building together-always lovely to see him being so creative. Cordelia has been drawing whilst we were watching the Hobbit films, back to horses again and thinking of new cosplay ideas!

Hubby made home made pizzas for tea and an evening watching the MTV VMA's with both girls-as always lots to talk about!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

York Comic Con

Last night was a late one thanks to the Aliens film, although we all enjoyed it and we saw lots of Alien related things at the comic con today.

I've lost count how many comic cons we've been to this year alone, but 3 comic cons in 4 weekends is a new record I'm sure ;) it's good family fun though. We got stuck in a fair bit of traffic on the way due to the Leeds Festival, which we'd been talking about earlier-Bring Me The Horizon were headlining today and Cordelia would have loved to have gone so we are discussing a possible visit next year-watch this space :D

The York comic con was at the racecourse, it was really busy but quite a big building with lots of outside space for all the cosplayers to gather for photos.

We spotted a Dalek! Lots of David Tenants dresses up walking round with hands in their pockets :)

Outside was really busy! My favourite was a Jack Sparrow costume, the guy was really in character as Johnny Depp-so funny! And another guy ran past aka Jim Carey in Ace Ventura Pet Detective which was really unexpected!

Piper, Cordelia and Ruben all dressed up:

Cordelia found lots of FNAF fans who were also dressed up! Here's Spring Trap:


And another Chica!

Another Bonny:

She also bought this handmade FNAF necklace:

Back home after a few hours because Piper and Ruben were feeling a bit grim with a cold :( back home for hot showers, tea, Bailey home from his first full day at work and time for Cordelia to get planning her next cosplay....

Snuggling on the sofa in pjs with Ruben watching Rude Tube.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Slow Saturday

Not much has happened today, its been a very slow Saturday but its been nice to have more of a home day except a trip to do the food shopping.

Cordelia spent late last night painting a material doll that Piper had made ages ago, she has turned it into a Five Nights at Freddy's character called Marionette. Its a bit creepy-is what I said but she thinks not...She is planning on taking it with her tomorrow after putting the last finishing touches to it this afternoon.

Thankfully Cordelia is feeling much better today so we did a team effort at tidying her bedroom and getting rid of her cabinet to make more space, her desk takes up a lot of space as its so big. She is such an artist with paper/pencils everywhere and the mess!!! She never hangs anything up so I spent at least half an hour hanging clothes up in her bedroom, it looks much nicer in there now and her art is much more organised!

Ruben is feeling rubbish today as now he has started with a cold/sore throat. His friend SD who is away, and who he is missing lots, skyped today but they only chatted for a short while as Ruben's throat was hurting too much to talk. He's watched a bit of Avatar, the Last Airbender today but mainly has played Minecraft with another couple of friends.

Mainly hubby and I have been downstairs on our own, even fitting in a daytime game of scrabble! We all had tea together before they headed back off to their rooms for more internet. The older three are all coming down later to watch Aliens, whilst Ruben is in bed.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Beach Bum Friday's!

Really enjoyed my evening of vegan cookery last night, made a vegan alternative to Parmesan cheese, a very healthy chocolate mousse and mayonnaise. Felt very strange driving home in the dark by myself-what a luxury ;)

This morning we left early with Piper and Ruben-Bailey didn't fancy it and Cordelia was feeling a bit under the weather so stayed home too. We picked our niece up early and headed to our nearest beach, which is still a bit of a drive but sometimes you just NEED to see the Sea even if the tide is miles out!

I'm feeling quite tired today and a bit socialised-out after a really busy week. My anxiety levels have been high as they always are in situations with new people/new things/such a busy schedule  this week and think I'll have to plan better in future not to have so many days in a row being so social. It's been lovely to catch up with friends though and much needed especially as we head towards September wobbly periods, I've realised this week with one thing and another that I'm very lucky to have such wonderful, supportive and kind friends around me-you know who you are :D

First up was a play on the sand, sandcastle building, shell collecting, digging holes, splashing in puddles and eating sandwiches :) this all lasts much longer with a toddler in tow ;)

Very therapeutic :)

Then we had a walk up to the main bit, which was really busy but Piper and Ruben wanted to play on the 2p machines....

Then we had chips and ice creams!

Our cheeky little niece eating hubbys flake :)

We headed to the paddling pool for our niece who loves water. I wish I'd brought Ruben's swim shorts because I think he'd have liked to go in too!

Then we headed on to the boating lake-Ruben's wanted to have a go in a pedalo boat for ages so him and hubby hired one and off they went, us Girls sat and watched-it looked tiring! But Ruben said "Mom thank you I've wanted to do that for ages!" Which was sweet.

We had a big play in the sandpit playground before having tea in MacDonalds (seaside makes you SO hungry!) and heading home. All shattered so sitting with a cuppa and watching Yonderland :D with the boys whilst the girls hang out.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Teenage Thursday

Last night, just as we were getting ready for the Bake Off to start Cordelia surprised me by coming down in her Springtrap (FNAF) make up. She's think of getting into special effects make up at the minute so she's practicing and loves to scare me!

The cake was okay, even though Hubby and Rube's had made a few mistakes. 

Cordelia woke up with a sore throat and so sent me a message to go climb in her bed for mummy cuddles. I made her a hot chocolate and she tidied her room and was feeling much better. Everyone did their chores this morning before we had a lovely visit from family, my aunt and two of my cousins.

Sunflowers growing in the garden-they seem to have taken ages to grow but look lovely :)

I picked out first homegrown cucumber from the garden to have in salad at lunch, was delicious except the skin which was really tough-maybe left it too long?-so peeled it before adding to the salad.

The girls had a fantastic time with their second cousin M who is the same age as Piper:

I didn't see Ruben all day either because he was playing with J who is the same age as him-she was due after Ruben but as every other baby did, came before him! So she's 12 days older. They had a great time playing Minecraft on the Xbox, steam games on the PC and watching FNAF on YouTube. Had some delicious cupcakes baked by my aunt after lunch too.

 Kids sad to say goodbye, they get on so well.

Cordelia wore the top I'd bought her yesterday, looks very cute on her.

Finished Pokemon picture up in the bathroom/geek gallery:

Everyone suitably shattered, it's been a week of socialisation so far hehe. Bailey is doing his first full shift at his new job, so hoping that goes okay for him.  Off to a Vegan cookery class tonight run by one of my very good friends :)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Bake-Off Wednesday

Continuing our social, busy week with an afternoon trip for us girls to see friends, I met A's mum for another coffee-3 days in a row of coffee shops, lucky me!-And the girls met up with A to have a mooch around the shops. Great to have a catch up, even though I'm feeling a bit tired today. 

I managed to pick Cordelia up a really cool top/dress from the charity shop today which she loves :) Back home Hubby and Ruben have been baking in preparation for tonight's Great British Bake Off, it's funny because it used to be Cordelia who would do the majority of the baking but she is too busy doing her art and rarely has time to bake.

Today she has produced these two pieces of Five Nights at Freddy's art: 

They look really cool and I love her shading techniques. She's bought some more lining pens today, they were quite expensive but are really good make, she goes through them really fast. She's been busy this afternoon doing some designing for me on a little project. 

Piper managed to finish her skirt this afternoon, putting in a zip rather than an elastic waist, it fits her really well-she's going to let me take a photo tomorrow as the light isn't great now and she wants to see what works well with it, clothes wise.

Ruben finished his sixth Pokemon hama bead figure-he's done everyone's favourite and so we are now just seeing how we can fit them all in a frame for our geek gallery in the downstairs bathroom. He's been building more on his realm today and doing lots of Pixel art, he got a message from his friend SD today saying he's missing him too so hoping they can get a bit of sykpe time together at some point, its so sweet.

Ready for a cuppa, a piece of this lovely cake and GBBO...

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday Tattoos

A lovely chilled morning watching Ruben do more Pokemon Hama beads with Bibby the cat snoozing in the background!

Hubby and I popped out to his grandparents briefly-hubby to do some gardening and I took his grandma shopping. They've always been so kind to me and treated me like a granddaughter so it's nice to help them out. 

I came back home briefly, chatted to the girls and Bailey. The girls have been doing more art and Pipers nearly finished her skirt. I took Ruben over to his friend R & M's for the afternoon and their dad looked after them whilst their mum and I had an afternoon out having a cuppa and catch up and I went with her for her birthday tattoo. Which was very cool and the first time I've ever seen anyone get a tattoo! Two days, two different coffee shops-lucky me! View from the coffee shop window in Chesterfield: (rainy)

Ruben had a great afternoon with lots of Nintendo WiiU games, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, Pixelmon and then back home for tea! Cordy did these fantastic pictures whilst I was out:

I showed one of the tattoo artists Cordelia's Alien drawing and he said it was really amazing, especially given she's self taught and only 13. She was really pleased with the feedback!

Insidious 2 tonight *sigh* things you do for your children. Although the first film wasn't too bad last night, bit jumpy though..

Monday, 24 August 2015

Horror and Hama...

We have a very full week this week-not a free day until Saturday :) We had a chilled morning but left at 10 to walk to the library. It's been really overcast today but thankfully its stayed dry, its about a 25 minute walk to the library and all down hill on the way there so its a good walk. There's a new field of horses in the field near us which are very friendly, Cordelia and Ruben spent a while stroking them.

Whilst hubby, Piper and I walked off-we are all a bit scared of horses!

A few errands in the shopping centre, then into the library. Piper got some graphic novels based on female superheroes-Black Widow and Batgirl. Love Batgirl's costume on the front cover:

Cordelia got a drawing book and Ruben a TinTin book-he's currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Its lovely to see him reading a book both his big sisters have loved and read so many times.

Back home Ruben is still continuing his Pokemon hama beads, adding Ponytar to make four now:

And he's done Ampharos this afternoon too and he's waiting to be ironed:

I popped out for a bit to meet my friend for a coffee and a catch up and when I came back the girls were busy drawing and sewing. Hubby, Bailey, Piper, Cordelia and I sat and watched the original Alien film last night. The girls have started getting into horror films recently, since we have a family friend who is a huge horror film fan-he even runs his own horror film festival every year-I asked him to make us a list of films he thought the girls would like that weren't too horrific. I'm not a huge horror movie fan but alas, when your children get into things you end up watching them too. Last week we watched Babadook, which was okay. Hubby decided last night we all needed to watch the classic that is Alien, it was actually not too bad. The girls and Bailey really enjoyed it, I can't believe it was out before I was even born! Tonight they have us watching Insidious-which they've both already seen-not sure how I feel about that but will see...

Cordelia has been thinking about making art to sell and so had a practice at drawing the alien..

I do think its good, even though its not my cup of tea!
Piper has spent the last two days working on a Lolita skirt with the material we bought back in March, we turned it into a dress back in June but she didn't like it so she's adapted it to a high waisted skirt instead. Its looking really good so far and she's nearly finished the waistband today, just the zip to do next and then it's all done.

Love the fabric :) Cordelia got a lovely surprise in the post today, a horse bracelet from her online friend. Ruben has been playing Minecraft but is really missing his friend SD who is currently on holiday, he's been working on the second rollercoaster on his realm-its been a full month since he got the realm! Bailey is full of cold and so we've all been staying out of his way so as not to catch it. He started his new job yesterday and it went well, its not the best wages but close to home and much easier than working in a pub kitchen like his last job. Hopefully his cold will have gone before he has to work again this week.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Home educating in the summer..

We are still home educating even though its the holidays because home education is always a continuation, weekends, evenings, early mornings-its all part of the process for us. Previous summers have seen us out much more than we are this year but that's cool, I'm enjoying being home a bit more, its given me chance to do more of my hobbies. Amazingly August has seen us be very social, seeing friends and family.

Piper has been back to sewing projects and even some drawing, she has been busy making some new friends and keeping in contact with her widening social group. Her and Cordelia have been working through the IGCSE English book as well as hanging out watching films, anime and listening to lots of new music...

Cordelia has been mainly planning her next cosplay costume and the next event she can go to. I think she would have us at a comic con every weekend if we could afford it! She has been researching dog breeds for us, her and Ruben are desperate for a puppy at the moment and we are seriously considering it. She's been drawing on her tablet, as well as doing some hand drawn art including this lovely bird for her great-granddads birthday:

Ruben has been such a different boy the past two weeks, he has been playing on his friend's realm and they have built some amazing things on there. They get along so well and he is always laughing and having fun. He showed me around the realm last night and what they were building together, so lovely to see their designs. Just shows what a difference having the right friends around will do. He's so much calmer when he comes off line in the evening, around 8.30pm. We've been watching the new series of Yonderland, which has been just as funny as Series 1. He has been creating some fab Pokemon hama beads to frame:

We have had a couple of days out this week, yesterday we met up with friends for a lovely walk in the Peak District, Cordelia was feeling a bit rubbish but was spurred on by chocolate mini rolls, kindly provided by our friends :-)

The younger four all perked up when we bumped into some llamas! Piper, myself and Red stood a safe enough distance away to watch-and also have a quick breather!-think they could have stood there for hours, they even found a piece of fur and brought it up to show us. See, their always learning even when we aren't teaching...

Ice cold drinks and a lovely big tree to climb, what more could you ask for? They were very happy up here. Ruben spent lots of time hugging and stroking our friends lovely, black Labrador and giving me "please can we have a puppy? eyes". He was very sweet and we are missing our lovely little dog Tallulah.

Wednesday we had  a trip to Meadowhall, Bailey and Ruben went to see Pixels in the cinema, the girls headed off for lunch and shopping and so Hubby and I got to have the rare treat of going out for lunch together. Was very nice :-)

After we all met back up again we took Bailey shopping for new work trousers and shoes since he got the job he was interviewed for last week :-DD So very proud of him, can't believe its been a year since we were waiting on his GCSE results and here he is with his second part time job and going into his second year at college.

Cordelia chose the mirror as an opportunity to take a mum and daughter #selfie. I rarely like photos of me but love this one :)