Sunday, 12 July 2015

The end of a busy week...

More of a week summed up in photos really this week! We seem to be on some kind of wind down, maybe with the time of year and getting towards the school holidays. It really doesn't make a huge difference to us the school holidays, yes places are busier but I really love no one asking why the children aren't school so I've always loved the anonymity of them! There are usually lots of activities and events on around the city we live in too and its good to catch up with friends who are at school. When the pesky hobbits were younger they didn't enjoy the playgrounds/museums/places we visited being so busy but that's hardly an issue now as they don't really like going out that much anyway! Its been lovely to have Bailey around home the last two weeks since he has broke up from college too-although my food budget has definitely increased with him being home all week!

We took everyone out to Millhouses Park on Tuesday as we were babysitting our niece Bella, the girl did play on the swings and we saw a very dramatic duckling rescue when the duck and two of its ducklings somehow got into the boating lake. A rather enthusiastic group of miniature boat fans "helped" by trying to steer the ducklings in the right direction with the help of their motorised speedboats, the poor duckling got a bit knocked around but they did manage to get it into the net and back over to the stream with its mother and sibling. We had quite a nice hour playing in the park and water play area, hubby even showed Ruben how the Archimedes water screw worked before the heavens opened and we had to run back to the car.

Wednesday we had a catch up with friends so lots of Minecraft on the xbox/pc whilst eating cake to celebrate Ruben's BFF turning 13 the day before. Cordelia had her final HPV vaccination, thankfully they have changed it now to two injections rather than the previous three injections that Piper had to have. Cordelia was a star even though she hates needles. We had a walk in the rain to buy her chocolate-two of her favourite things!

Thursday was lovely and sunny so we headed out with our little Jack Russell Tallulah, she hasn't been so well of late and has stopped enjoy walks which is sad. The children affectionately call her "Chub" and we have had her for 6 years now, she was a rescue dog that my mother in law brought to us as she was about to be put down because they couldn't find her a home. She's been a really good dog for us to have and I'm really grateful the children have had the experience of loving a dog so much. We will probably have some difficult decisions to make in the next few weeks about her health...

Just as we arrived on the walk Chub managed to tangle up Ruben, Piper and Hubby before we had even set off!

Recently we had a lovely walk on the Trans Penine Trail so we drove a bit further over and continued a walk on there, its really quiet on a weekdays aside from the occasional cyclists and dog walkers. Ruben found a furry black caterpillar...

Chub decided she had had enough of the walk after only 20 minutes so we had to head back-walking a dog backwards is not much fun!

Another part of the trail that used to be a train station.

Hard to imagine now..

Hubby had bought  Race Night game for £1 for the car boot and so we decided to have a family game night, we bought some things for a quick and easy tea-hotdogs and nachos!

As an added incentive (I know spending time with your super cool parents should be enough by itself right???) Hubby bought the winner a bar of chocolate and there was a fiver up for grabs! It was actually a lot of fun, the children are already asking when we can do it again. I surprised myself with my competitive streak and ended up winning!

Friday Ruben and I met up with friends at the National Video Game Arcade which you can read about here. Saturday was a car boot day for Hubby and I. After the NVA Ruben was desperate for Guitar Hero and amazingly, because things like that rarely happen these days, I found it for the sum of only £5 (I remember buying the same game originally for nearer to £40!) In my opinion it has the best mix of songs..

Ruben was very impressed with my bargain! He spent most of yesterday online with Minecraft friends but did have a break to play on it and is already so good at it. He wants to try and get another guitar now for battles! Cordelia found some boots she wanted in a shop in town and begged us to take her to get them, so only an hour before they shut we managed to get there! She has been saving up for a new laptop but it seems these boots are much more important. I'm pretty jealous actually because they are really cool boots but I don't think I could ever pay that much for shoes! Good that she is learning quality over quantity though, I'm impressed.

Today we took the girls and Ruben out for lunch to Taco Bell, they've never been before but have been desperate to go. Piper really wasn't in the mood and ended up eating nothing at all, no idea how she had that willpower-Mexican is my favourite food! We were all so full afterwards so tried to walk it off in Sheffield's beautiful Botanical Garden's. A place we have always visited even before Hubby and I had babies! The gardens were really stunning today, we saw so many bees with full pollen sacs flying in and around the foxgloves. Ruben and I felt a bit sad when we saw two that were dying and I told him about the sugar syrup that you can give them to save them. He thinks we should make some and carry it around through summer just in case we see any more.. He has hardly took off the Steampunk googles he bought from Notttingham on Friday!

There were some beautiful flower displays including these ones in the colours of flags.

They looked really effective....

Back home and Bailey has been looking at University Open Days for us to all visit in the coming months, he's been working out which ones are nearest to him so he can still stay at home. Its hard to imagine him off to University in just over a year. We've had to discuss the money implications as the debt you get into is so huge now and there are no grants for travel etc it all has to be paid back, so it really needs a lot of thought. He has narrowed his choices down to 4 so will see what happens next.

Ruben is skyping/minecrafting friends, Cordelia is drawing and Piper is taking a nap because she is so tired today despite 10 hours sleep last night, hope she isn't coming down with something. Bailey just helped me make a meringue for strawberry pavlova and I've even chilled some wine for this evening...

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