Saturday, 4 July 2015

Roundhay Park Leeds & Piper's first Lolita Meet Up

Bit late posting this but last Saturday we had a lovely day in Roundhay park Leeds. We used to visit Leeds for shopping quite a bit and we have had lots of trips to the armouries but never visited this park before. What a wonderful surprise then to find such a huge, green, lovely outdoors space! We had only gone along to take Piper to her first Lolita meet. She had been quite nervous this week and even thought about not going along but in the end she was so excited to meet lots of new Lolita's and see some of her online friends for real! She looked so cute in all her Lolita gear:

While Piper enjoyed her picnic with over 20 other Lolita's we headed round to the other side of the park with Cordelia and Ruben for our own picnic. We came prepared with Magyk and Harry Potter books..

We also bought the frisbee..

You can see how happy Cordelia was to have this picture taken, ahem...

We found our own fountain!!!

There was a very swanky wedding on at Mansion House, several birthday parties in the lovely little bandstands and just a really wonderful feel to the park. We even passed some swans with their cygnets:

We even found a Mr Whippy van for an old fashioned ice cream called a double dipper! Cordelia and Ruben went instead for slush puppies.

We had a really lovely, chilled 5 hours in the park with just our youngest two before Piper finished and we picked her up. She'd had a lovely picnic and met several new Lolita friends so a good day all round :D

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