Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Minecraft and farm life!

This morning Ruben showed me the progress he's made on his Minecraft realm, he's not even had it 24 hours yet and I'm already impressed with what he's done. He really plays down everything he creates on Minecraft, and always says "it's not that good, it could be better" ever the perfectionist! He is doing a rollercoaster through several of his favourite films, the first film he has chosen is one we saw at the cinema earlier in the month-Jurassic World. He took me some screen shots of what he's done so far and even uploaded them all to the blog for me!!

Some really wonderful details, including raptors, a t-rex skeleton and the rollercoaster even goes over one of the dinosaurs!

This afternoon we picked up my niece Bella and headed to the farm/playground whilst the weather was dry, the sun even made a rare appearance but only briefly!

We saw these piglets on the day they were born, 7 weeks ago, again when we were taking Bella around the farm. They were crazy funny, all bounding around chasing each other and fighting for Cordelia and Ruben's attention. Very cute

There were lots of babies in the barn including guinea pig babies!


Tiny guinea pig babies...

And even a calf, which Cordelia was rather fond of. We couldn't quite work out what it was doing with all the goats though but it seemed happy enough!

Cordelia took these photo's:

Had to take a photo of Piper's new top, seems I can still pick out clothes for her since I bought it!

The rest of the afternoon had me sat on the floor entertaining my niece with a ball of wool, shells from out trip to Newquay and four ice cream cups. Toddlers are as expensive as you make them. If only I'd have realised that the first time around with my own four! Hindsight! The girls disappeared off to "hang" in their rooms and Ruben was getting on with some of his Gametips magazine and later skyped friends. Hubby made curry for tea and there was a huge debate over the death penalty, illegal hunting and Amazon drones whilst we ate!

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