Monday, 27 July 2015

Lolita shoes finally arrive! Cosplay Shields & Horse Art

The shoes Piper had been waiting for finally arrived, fresh from Japan. They are higher than in the photos and she is so tall wearing them! She is totally in love with them (and a pair of Jelly high heel shoes she bought last week too-shoe obsessed!)

Four teeth=lolita shoes (or tooth shoes as my friend called them hehe)

Meanwhile in the house of cosplay, or at least that's how it feels now my kitchen has been turned into some kind of costume making factory! Hubby has used a jigsaw and some MDF to create this new Link shield for Cordelia's new cosplay costume and she is finally getting around to priming it. It is now drying with black paint on it.

I received a lovely package from blogging and real life friend who blogs here. It was on my list of books to buy Piper and the lovely author is also a home educator! Piper read it straight away and loved it so I'm going to give it a read too.

Piper met up with her friend A and Cordelia was feeling a bit put out so I took her for a coffee and had a good chat about lots of things. Its tough being a teenage girl, especially when you are the younger sister and although I've only ever been the eldest I can imagine the feelings she must go through. Trying to be mindful of everyone's feelings in a house of four siblings is very tricky but important, the dynamics are always changing so its a constant balance board.

She also did some really lovely art work after we chatted about her doing more pencil art over digital art!

She picked a horse book and chose a refernce to draw from. Constantly amazed at her self taught talent to draw.

We had friends over for creepypasta chat, minecraft and Nerf fights. We sat and had a family movie evening with Sharknado 3-awful but everyone else seemed to enjoy it (just me who thinks its dire!). We've been really enjoying the new Yonderland series on Sky 1, its SO funny.

Today the girls started on an IGCSE English book, we have been toying with the idea of doing something more structured and the book we are working through is just right at the moment. Not sure if we will actually go through with the actual exams yet but just seeing how it goes. Ruben has got his own Minecraft Realm which we have been talking about for a while, he wants to design something pretty huge so we talked about how that will work with designs etc. He is keeping a diary alongside the designing of his project, an idea that Bailey gave him, and is really excited. He will invite his friends when it is all done to play on it but for the moment he is just concentrating on his idea. He's also started Issue 3 of his Game tips magazine, he's planning on writing a review of the National Videogame Arcade after his trip there this month.

The weather has been pretty grim so its been a full day at home for them, I popped out to run errands and meet a friend for coffee. Thankfully we took them all out yesterday to the shopping centre, where they again paired off to go off and do things, just like last Sunday. Its lovely that Bailey is spending more time with Ruben and lovely that the girls love hanging out together so much. Its becoming a bit of a Sunday ritual.

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  1. I was thinking today of using minecraft mum as a diary for the 3 Minecrafters. It's a lot of information to hold in your head!