Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Life with teenagers...

Life with teenagers just of late has been a mixed bag, I'm amazed how quickly things can go from being "the end of the world" to laughs and giggles..Its like being on a boat on a very choppy sea-high highs and low lows. But such is the waters I find myself in these days, I'd like to say I'm getting used to it but its not all that easy to get used to. Although, like most things in life I'm learning to cope with it as best as I can.

Saturday I felt pretty low and had a total wobble about home educating, feeling that there was too much online time and not enough productivity. I've been thinking a lot about my own future job prospects lately so that probably didn't help. Ruben will be 16 in just over 4 years and if he follows in his big brothers footsteps and goes off to college that means this time in 5 years I will be out of a job, at least as a home educator. I will be a few months away from my 40th birthday. So potentially will still have 25-30 years of a possible career ahead of me, after being a stay-at-home-mum since Bailey was born I've gained so much experience that I really would like to put it to use. At the moment I'm looking at a possible career in Midwifery...but it would mean quite a bit of study so we will see...

I remember feeling like Bailey wasn't doing "enough" at around this same time and then all of a sudden he was doing two GCSE's..and now he's finished his first year at college. I'm not expecting the same of the girls because their both so different from Bailey. Neither have any idea what they want to do yet, Cordelia would possibly like to do something art based or with horses but its too early to tell yet. I'm glad they don't have the pressure of picking out which GCSE's to study in September and even more glad that they won't be sitting 24+ exams for 12 GCSE's when in fact they will probably only need a maximum of 5 GCSE's anyway! I don't even know if they will even do formal qualifications, who knows what the future holds?

I wonder if its an accumulation of summer holidays and all the "back to school" stuff that the shops are full of that's making me wobble? I always feel such a huge burden of pressure at this time of year!

Sunday rolled round and was such a contrast to Saturday, we all (yes even Bailey!) headed to Meadowhall shopping centre. Bailey took Ruben to the cinema to see Marvel's Ant Man and the girls disappeared off shopping for 3 hours together! So hubby and I had a very chilled afternoon wandering round the shops and even managed a relaxing coffee together. Its funny, in the last 6 months Hubby and I have spent more time together alone than we have done since before Bailey was born. Everyone had a lovely afternoon and everyone was in such a good mood.

Monday, Cordelia wasn't feeling well so we had a quiet day at home. Hubby and I popped to visit his grandparents, he's been helping his grandad with the garden and I had a cuppa with his nan.

Tuesday Piper had arranged to meet up with two of her friends in Leeds, Cordelia stayed home with Bailey and we took Ruben and my niece Bella into Leeds Museum. Cordelia text to say her and Bailey were going out to look for part-time jobs for Bailey and they ended up having a great time, even going out for lunch! So lovely to see Bailey spending time with his younger siblings. Piper had a wonderful time with her friends and we had a lovely afternoon with Ruben and Bella.

Love wandering around the arcades in Leeds: 

And seeing the window displays in Harvey Nichols:

There has been lots of cosplay making going off as August is looking like a busy month of events. Hubby has cut out a new shield for Cordelia to paint this time out of wood rather than foam. Ruben has been working on a Steampunk Pokemon Trainer costume and has started making a foam Pokedex ready for painting.

Cordelia has been doing lots of "Five Nights at Freddie's" themed art.

And Piper has been sewing gifts for friends and awaiting on a package from Japan containing new Lolita shoes-a gift from the Tooth Fairy for having her 4 teeth removed! She's still in a bit of discomfort from her brace fitting :(

Look how cute she looked yesterday with her Japanese inspired outfit:


Very Kawaii/Fairy Kai :)

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  1. I love your chopping waters analogy - I hear that! I am always saying average is okay by me. I am okay with average. It seems the bigger your family gets the higher the highs and the lower the lows!

    It is DEFINITELY a seasonal phenomenon the whole panic thing - Skool is everywhere in our society defining our framework. When I look back on my previous posts I can see really clear patterns and this is a definite peak!

    I love reading about your family. :) I know it's not always easy to do but it is really helpful for others.