Thursday, 30 July 2015


We had a little mini-break in North Yorkshire, Piper had a sleepover at her friends house and so we thought rather than just dropping her off and coming home we would stay overnight and have a bit of a break up North. We used to visit Harrogate quite a bit when the children were little, there are so many beautiful places in North Yorkshire and we even nearly moved here quite a few years back but that was a different life ago when the older three children were back in school. Would still love to live here, the buildings are stunning and there are so many great shops.

We came past this gorgeous tea rooms called Bettys-it must be very popular as there was a rather large queue to get in! Have asked Hubby if we can put this on our to do list...

Harrogate is famous for its water, as its a Spa town, its had visits from European Royalty who came to take the water here, including Princess Victoria of Battenburg! It has some gorgeous looking turkish baths which have also gone on to my "to do" list. We walked past the famous "Pump Rooms" and outside is a tap, you have to press it on to release the famous "sulphur" smell. Cordelia was none too impressed as you can see by her face, it smelled like rotten eggs....

Even though it was raining we still had a lovely walk through the park. These huge plants reminded us of our times in Sussex when we visited Sheffield Park Gardens..

Girls being silly, probably a reaction to being out in the fresh air... ;)

There are some flower displays and this beautiful fountain..

The playground is really good and they were eyeing up this rope swing for ages before it became free for a go..

Hubby gave them a little push.

Beautiful roses on the outdoor pagoda's

We had to dodge the showers which were really heavy, so did lots of wandering in and out of shops and had tea in McDonalds. We dropped Piper off at her friend's house and then headed to our Travelodge room in Bradford. Ruben and I both started with a really bad cold so both felt rubbish and were asleep early.

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  1. I love Harrogate :) Used to visit quite often, years ago when we had friends living in Sheffield. I've had tea in 'Betty's'-about 20 years ago and it was just as popular then ! It's a lovely town.
    Those giant plants are gunneras (related to Rhubarb) and they completely vanish in the winter. They always make me think of dinosaur vegetation !