Friday, 31 July 2015

Bradford Media Museum & Saltaire

The travelodge was quite in the centre of Bradford so it was only a 10 minute walk to the Media Museum, we have visited several times before including at the height of Moshi Monster fun with Ruben. They had a great time on green screens last time dancing with Moshi's.

More like Moshi who? now though. There was a really great Light Exhibit on over two floors, including this room full of mirrors and 250 light bulbs. 

The exhibit had lots of hands on exhibits and videos explaining how colours work and how they were first used in early cinema, it was really fascinating.

All part of UNESCO's International Year of Light..

On the second floor was a studio with artists in resident who were working on an exhibit and also where you could make shadow puppets. First you had to draw out your design on some paper..

even Hubby had a go...

It just had to be an outline though as the picture had to go through a cutting machine

The finished shadow puppets on screen....

Even though we've visited many times Cordelia and Ruben still find the filming studios to be a great source of fun, they enjoyed directing Hubby and I in our own sitcom...

Then Ruben had a go at being a news presenter, which meant him collapsing in fits of giggles rather than reading the autocue....

We found a Dalek, seems connections to Dr Who are everywhere lately!

I liked this description....

A memory from my childhood-Gordon the Gopher...

There were clips of Iconic moments being played in a little movie room, we sat in there nearly 15 minutes watching some of histories biggest televised moments. It was actually a bit emotional watching Princess Diana's funeral and the shocking footage of the twin towers falling in the 9/11 attacks, but made for some interesting talks with Cordelia and Ruben. Including the Hillsborough disaster, we drive past the stadium frequently so it really brings it home to you when you watch the footage. Lots to discuss.

Ruben loved the video game gallery, although after our trip to the National Video Game arcade it seemed a little underwhelming to me. Hubby enjoyed playing on Street Fighter though.

And Cordelia and Ruben enjoyed playing "Defender".

I realise I suck at Mario Kart on the SNES....

The children used to love watching Wallace and Gromit, especially The Wrong Trousers and Curse of the Were Rabbit. Was sad to read about the Aardvark studio's burning down and this being the only surviving Wallace and Gromit set. Thank goodness it was in the museum at the time of the fire.

Hubby and I liked these "Smash" robots from the Cadbury's Smash adverts, although I never actually liked mash potato as a child!

We spent much longer at the museum than I had imagined and so we decided to have lunch in the restaurant which was really, really nice. Cordelia and Ruben enjoyed reading their books whilst we waited for our lunch to be cooked. Ruben had stone baked pizza-which he ate all of! Talk about feeding a cold, never seen him eat so much, he is normally so fussy. Cordelia had pasta and that looked yummy too. Was so nice having some cook lunch, serve it and then clear up-its a rare treat for us as its just too expensive when there is six of you!

After lunch we headed to the Internet exhibition, which was full of interesting facts and was actually really fascinating! Ruben and Cordelia both spent ages playing on a game about the Creeper Worm-the first computer virus.

Ruben spent ages on this HTML builder and managed to build his own page which was then emailed straight to him!

There were so many facts about the World Wide Web, its creator and how huge it got in really not very long at all. Ruben and I spent quite a while looking at the internet from the beginning in 1997 to now, some amazing facts.

They even had an original Apple 2 computer, which looked so ancient!

We must have spent 3-4 hours in the museum with lunch, so we headed out for some fresh air. Great spot overlooking Bradford's City Park, which was full of children running through the fountains. We came here back in 2012 to watch the illuminations in the park, they've grown up such a lot in that time!

As Piper was still having a great time with her friend and wanted a bit of extra time we headed to Saltaire for a little wander, we came here in September last year to the festival and have plans to come again, it was a really wonderful place. Much quieter today although still pretty busy, since most of the houses don't have gardens-only yards- the huge green is a bit advantage.

Statue of Sir Titus Salt, the founder of Saltaire. Connections to him all over the village, its a bit like stepping back in time in certain parts of the village, very pretty houses.

Must google what the connections are to the Lama's but Ruben thought they were really cool and wanted to have a photo with the lama statues.

And that wraps up July for us!