Thursday, 16 July 2015


It's been a tough couple of days, the children have take the loss of Tallulah so much better than I thought though. I think because we knew it was going to happen we had prepared them well and had discussed several times what was best for her. I'm not coping quite as well, it's so quiet without her and I'm really missing her. I must look sad because all four children keep randomly hugging me which just makes me cry again! Hubby is missing his shadow too, Tallulah was always obsessed with him and followed him everywhere! It's such a big change...

Yesterday, we had my niece to look after so that was a good distraction. I had to take Piper for her brace fitting too, she was so brave and didn't complain once even though it looked painful. She actually loves it!

I bought some bubbles for my niece and Ruben ended up playing with them too!

In a rare step away from Minecraft...

Today we had a run out to Bakewell, a little Derbyshire village in the Peak District. Hubby and I have been visiting since we first started going out and so the children have been SO many times! But sometimes it's just good to get out and get some fresh air. The last few weeks have been a bit tough and feel like we've been indoors or at least at home a bit too much. 

We had a walk round the shops and then the girls and Ruben decided on chips for lunch, so we bought some and sat by the river watching all the Canadian Geese swim up the river:

The children kindly shared their lunch with this flock of Black Headed Gulls....

Then we bought ice creams-or in the case of the children-milkshakes and walked over to the playground, we've spent many an afternoon here with all four pesky hobbits! I took a photo of Ruben and remembered I have a photo of Bailey in this exact same spot at home...

They look so alike!

Ruben had great fun playing in the playground-he's never without his goggles at the moment!

He LOVED the roundabout

In this photo you can just see Pippi and Cordelia sat on a bench to the left. They had great fun chatting and drawing..

On the way home we called at the garden centre to get a plant, we wanted somewhere to bury Tallulah's collar so we bought a large plant pot and the children chose a beautiful Autumn Fairy Dahlia. They've been busy writing letters and pictures to put in the pot for her. It's a lovely thing to do and it means if we move house we can take it with us. We are going to do it in the morning so I've made some cupcakes too as I don't want it to be too sad.

Hubby took Cordelia up to the stables for her riding lesson which was outside this week. Lovely view!


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