Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pre Paris Post!

I had envisaged my pre Paris weekend to be all about pampering, painting my toes and packing (I'd love to say drinking champagne too but I don't drink alcohol so its more like a cup of Earl Grey!). Well I've got the packing done but I've been feeling pretty unwell for the last few days, my hayfever has been the worst it has ever been, and although I had two lovely trips out Thursday and Friday to meet up with friends, even an outdoors BBQ at Clumber Park! I probably should have stayed indoors away from the very high pollen count-lesson learnt health first! Yesterday whilst doing a pre holiday food shop I managed to open the boot Hubby had filled with some huge pieces of wood for his friend, I wasn't paying attention (because I was ill!) and so the wood came straight out and hit my shin (I have a HUGE phobia of shins so that in itself is pretty horrific for me!) and then landed on both my feet-OUCH!!! Cue bruised feet today that are quite painful, so no pedicure has taken place yet! I'll just be happy to be able to walk in my new sandals tomorrow fingers crossed.

Then after all of that and a trip to the supermarket I had a phone call to say my niece was poorly in hospital, she is okay, although their still not sure what is wrong with her. I've been to see her today and took her a new toy but she was asleep bless her. Probably best, they say babies sleep themselves better so I hope that is the case and by the time I look after her next week she will be back to her full-of-beans self......

This week has been pretty busy, we had a lovely time at Rother Valley on Thursday meeting up with friends, although Piper and I had a bit too much sun and sported some red arms. Friday we met up with friends at Clumber for a BBQ, was nice, aside from the hay fever, Ruben even managed to see a wild newt-was too slow for a photo though!

There has been lots of internet time, mainly everyone stocking up as there will be no wifi where we are staying in Paris. Not a bad thing and I'm looking forward to actually "seeing" the children! Ruben has had a great time playing with his friend, another S, who was back from holiday. They've had a great catch-up and all I've heard from his room is laughter this weekend.

The rain has been torrential and constant the past 48 hours, hard to imagine that we will be in much warmer, sunnier climates this time tomorrow. Everyone is excited about Paris, we have had lots of talks about what we will see/do but for once I'm not making any plans. I'm going to just see when we get there. Its going to be pretty warm-my children aren't usually great in any kind of heat-and since I've never been I'm not sure what to expect so going with the flow. The only thing I have prepared is food/drinks (my children are at their happiest when eating/drinking!) and how to get to the train station from where we are staying.

I've just finished the last of the packing, whilst Hubby has finished the cleaning. I've even managed to find time to dye Piper's new funky bobbed hair Violet!!

See you after The Four Pesky Hobbits have added Paris to our travels :D

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