Monday, 22 June 2015

Paris Day 2 part 2- Champs Elysees and Arch De Triumph

This was opposite the Petit Palais and is the Grand Palais, it seems to be a rather large exhibition space as there were lots of different exhibits including an American art exhibit and also one of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

It had some pretty huge statues on the roof which Cordelia got some good photographs of:

She particularly loved the horses..

We managed to find the flagship Chanel shop just off the Champs De Elysees-it was so cool, I think I may have even started Piper off with an interest in Chanel which is not a bad thing. She has promised to bring me back one day when she is a famous fashion designer and buy me a much coveted Chanel 2.55 bag in quilted grey. You read that here first so I'm holding her to it ;) We had a great chat about Couture fashion, Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfield. Must watch the film about Coco Chanel with her, think she would really love it.

Walking up the Champ De Elysees was such an experience-the money!! Oh my! We saw so many sights but I think my favourite was a restaurant where the waiters wore stripey blue and white tops, berets and blue cropped trousers-tres chic! wish I'd managed to get a photo but not sure they would have appreciated that too much.. was so funny to walk past all the exclusive shops with queues outside, body guards dressed in expensive suits, staff waiting to park your car for you in their posh uniforms and hats to then see the guy on the outside of Abercrombie and Fitch wearing joggers, a t-shirt and flip flops!!

Cordelia took these very arty looking shots of the Arch De Triumph, we sat on a wall in the shade for a while looking over at the crazy traffic whilst Hubby explained that all French car insurance policies have an exempt for the area around Arch De Triumph and its really not hard to see why. It is manic but fascinating to watch! We headed over the road to then take the underground tunnel to the Arch itself. It was so busy with people queuing to go up to the top. Must be a fab view from there.

The grave of an unknown soldier which has a flame lit at all times:

Its so hard to get any photos without other people in, we saw so many different photo shoots with models-especially people in wedding dresses/suits. We did think about taking our vow renewal clothes since Cordelia took some beautiful photographs of us at Rufford Abbey in December after the Vow Renewal but think it would have been too stressful, maybe next time though because I think it would make for some awesome photographs! In this photo you can see right down to La Defense (the huge square you can just see) and the business area of Paris.

The light was so bright, everyone wished they had taken sunglasses which is why Ruben has his eyes shut in this photo lol!The arch was so much bigger than we had imagined. It looked big when we were across the road but it felt even bigger when we were stood in front of it. And the noise from the beeping traffic was so loud!! Quite an experience to be stood there, I'd love to come and see it lit up at night so maybe we'll have to do a winter trip

Leaving here we found a small supermarket for iced coffee and more importantly ice creams for the pesky hobbits-we were on a budget so buying a four pack of ice creams is much cheaper than going to an ice cream stand, its something we do a lot here in the UK and thankfully we have the perfect amount of children for a box of ice creams!!

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