Monday, 22 June 2015

Paris Day 2-Chanel, Place De La Concorde & Petit Palais

Morning two of going into Paris was so much easier since we knew what we were doing! We just missed out on a train as we got to the platform but as we weren't sure if it was destined to Paris or not we thought best to wait the extra few minutes for the next one and I'm so glad we did because we ended up talking to a lovely lady called Lindy who blogs over here at A Taste of Two Cities. She told us that all the trains from that platform head into Paris, so we will know for next time. Its great to meet other bloggers especially in unexpected places! Lindy gave us lots of tips on places to walk/places to visit whilst we were in Paris but we didn't get chance to take much of her advice to time restrictions and having to cut our trip short. Next time though!

We got off at Auber again, and I was surprised when Lindy told us she was off to Marks and Spencers, I didn't expect to see one of those in Paris (although I didn't actually see the store!). We wanted to do the walk up to the Arch De Triumph through the Tuileries as yesterday we could see right down past the Concorde down to the arch. Hubby found the street for all the jewellers in the book and I had to look at the Chanel shop since I'm a huge fan of everything Chanel and have been for years!

So many gorgeous buildings/streets to photograph!

Then we headed on to the Tuileries, another view of the Eiffel Tower and a visit to the poshest toilets I've ever been to in France! Although you did have to pay 70 cents each to use them...

It was much warmer than yesterday and by the time we reached the concorde everyone was really hungry so we bought some waffles and Nutella from a very grumpy waffle lady outside the Tuileries! Everyone is happier when not hungry though so it was worth it..

The Place De La Concorde has been renamed several times during the French revolution including Place De La Revolution. It is in this square (that is actual an oval!) that King Louis XV1 and Queen Marie Antoinette were beheaded by the guillotine that was installed in the centre during the revolution. It said in the book that the streets were covered in blood from the 2500+ people killed by the guillotine here. Not of that now though thank goodness! Just a very busy oval road full of traffic!

The obelisk was a gift from the Viceroy of Egypt in 1831, it is one of only 3 from the temple of Ramses 11. On the side of it there are gold pictures depicting the journey from Luxor to Paris-its supposed to have taken four years to reach Paris. Probably due to the sheer weight (230 tons!) and size of it!

from here we headed past the Petit Palais-which was stunning! It also happened to be on Avenue Winston Churchill connecting the dots for us as we visited the home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell back in 2012. As it was free entry (Entree libre!) we headed in for a look. The entrance and doors were stunning:

We recognised the little peeing boy from our trip to Brussels! Although this time he had a skull head??? No idea what that was about/for? But it was cool to see him again

Inside there was even a courtyard garden full of lovely smelling plants and these sculptures By Thomas Lerooy there were pieces of his art all over the gallery. He is a Belgian artist and his pieces were really different, more so than anything we've seen in ages. The children thought his sculptures were really funny. This piece is called "Crash"

And I liked this one called "Why worry"

Having another rest!

The entrance to the Petit Palais-stunning! Plus there were free toilets downstairs!! Bonus. You had to leave your backpacks down stairs in the cloakroom.


  1. I'm loving your photos Zoe ! You can certainly walk for miles in Paris and comfy footwear is a must. The first time I visited I went into M&S to buy sandwiches for lunch-which was a bit bizarre :)

    1. Thank you Sandra! I wish I'd thought more about the comfy footwear, one day in newish sandals and then I had to spend the rest of the time in trainers (which I really hate wearing unless I'm exercising!) so no photos of me from the knees down were taken haha! I wish I'd seen the M & S now, it must be strange to be in there because it's so very British! :D

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos of what looks to have been a marvellous break away in a magical city. xxX