Sunday, 21 June 2015

Paris Day 1 Part 2, The Pompidou Centre

Even though it is the same day there are so many photo's I thought I'd create two posts! We were all getting a bit tired and were a bit too hot so we headed to see the Pompidou Centre, which is a huge building that has all the "inside bits" on the outside! It looks a bit like Lego really. It is named after George Pompidou who was the French president between 1969-1974. As well as a public library and a centre for music and acoustic research it also has the largest museum for modern art inside so I'd definitely like to come back and see inside. At the side of the building is a fountain which is full of smaller, eccentric sculptures all sprinkling water. Was a lovely place to sit, a lot of people paddle in it during hot periods according to our guide book! A perfect spot for Ruben to play with his Lego minifigures...

Four Pesky Hobbits!

The view from the top of this building is supposed to be very cool but nobody wanted to climb up the stairs.

More walking around the streets and we spotted this snail restaurant, Piper is always telling us about Snail memes so we thought this was quite funny! Not sure we could get any of our children to try the French delicacy of snails....

We walked around the side of this church, which looked like it was wedged in behind some houses, and sat for ages in the sunshine. The area was called Les Halles.

We found a lovely playground but it seemed to be closed much to Ruben's dismay. Bailey, Piper and Cordelia were all happy to find a bit of free wifi however and managed to catch up with some of their friends and in Bailey's case E3 news!!

Cordelia even found some birds to feed!

After a big rest we walked back towards the Jardin De Tuileries and tried to find something to eat for tea, so many beautiful buildings to look at and take pictures of. Hubby and I still have neck ache from looking up and around us...

We ended up finding a McDonalds of all things, we even managed to order in broken French! We took it across the road to a different part of the Tuileries and found some more green chairs to sit on...

We had a walk past some of the garden's sculptures (I don't know why but this one really caught my eye ;))

We walked back up to the Opera house and Auber train station with some very tired legs! I don't think I've ever slept so well, we were so tired there was only time for showers and then everyone laid in bed reading/playing DS or talking. Think we were all asleep by 10.30pm.

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    I really enjoyed this summary of E3. Et has been telling me what his YouTubers think of it and this gave me a good summary.