Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lego Eiffel Tower!

Only another 149 posts until I reach 1000!!...

We've not been far from home the last two days, yesterday we had my niece and so much of the day was spent running around after her apart from half an hour when we took Ruben to the park to skateboard and the baby slept in the pram. She had great fun chasing after Ruben when she woke up.

Ruben was keen to try fish fingers and custard for tea last night-it was actually quite nice and worked quite well! I think he could be classed as a true Whovian now for sure ;)

The girls and Ruben made some more progress yesterday on the Eiffel Tower out of Lego but today they managed to finish it!

I'm so impressed with it, I like Ruben's finishing touch of the French flag colours! They got out a random mix of mini figures so its looks interesting with the likes of Spiderman, Thor, Starlord, Emmet, Loki, Danisnotonfire and John hanging out...It wasn't without its meltdowns sadly, Ruben lost it a couple of times during the build. Piper wasn't happy with the colour scheme and would have liked to use all of the same colour/size lego pieces.

They have all done 45 minutes of IXL this morning, so glad our home ed discount is being used so well! The girls have been working on their Silver Arts Awards this afternoon and Ruben has been doing something to send to his friend S. In an around everything else today Hubby and I managed a 4.5 mile walk, a lot of gardening and I made a quiche for tea. Feeling pretty shattered.

Bailey is disappointed today that his college tutors have changed the date of the end of year show and he will now miss it as we will be in Paris. They have someone from Rockstar coming so he's feeling pretty glum, although the game he has been busy creating will be shown so its not a total waste.


  1. I love the Eiffel Tower. It's awesome.

    That's annoying for Bailey. He needs a stunt double.

  2. I really wanted to make fish fingers and custard for Sapphire but she's vegetarian.

    Jelly babies for pudding?