Monday, 1 June 2015

June Begins!

Thankfully, given the horrendous weather (its howling gales and heavy rain outside and feels SO cold) we've had a home day. After a weekend of unlimited internet, laptops, phones, gaming we had a bit of downtime this morning, although that did include 45 mins of IXL which is technically online...but anyway after maths was done we started on a bit of a project.

Since we have a trip to Paris coming up this month, we have been practicing bits of French-mainly asking for food and drink!-, we watched Monster in Paris last night and had a bit of a late night learning session with Ruben reading the book about Paris I bought for the children. A friend had mentioned this story about a Lego exhibit in Waterloo all about Napoleon so we had a look at the photos and I told Ruben some things about Napoleon, I've read quite about him and especially his wife Josephine. All inspired from our trip to Biarritz in 2013. We had a look on Google Maps where the island he was exiled to-Saint Helena-was. Its the most remote island in the world according to Wikipedia and when Ruben scrolled in he even saw Napoleon Street in Jamestown! Be great to see the exhibit but think Waterloo is a bit too far from Paris...

Inspired by the Eiffel Tower and the Napoleon Lego exhibit today Hubby set them a challenge to make the Eiffel Tower out of Lego. We had a look online and ebay had a boxed original set of the Eiffel Tower, not the modern mini architecture sets, for sale for £1,000!!! Thankfully we have a lot of bricks although they are multi-coloured rather than grey but hopefully they will work.

Hubby managed to work out a scale on some paper, so we had a look at maps and chatted about scales. Hopefully our Eiffel Tower will stand one meter high, using the scale 1: 300.

This is the base so that the legs are all in the right place when the build starts:

Some of our lego boxes

There was a fair bit of arguing first, something I notice much more when the children have had too much internet time, the dynamics change and working as a team goes out of the window. But after a rocky start they finally started working together...

This is where we are up to with the first level of the tower:

And the base of floor one which then had to be attached to the legs..

After lunch, everyone dispersed to their rooms, the girls have been spending so much time together at the moment. Its pretty much nearly every waking minute! Its so lovely. They were busy drawing/giggling this afternoon. This is what Piper was drawing:

Seems the creepypasta stuff is infectious...

Ruben had an afternoon on Minecraft playing on his friends realm and also some skyping and Youtube. He is thinking of having his own realm and inviting several of his friends but we will see. He also sent a parcel off to his friend S. Her mum has set up a new blog called Minecraft Mum today.

We watched some Doctor Who this evening and it was cool to see so much of Cardiff Bay in the episode! Ruben loved seeing all the things he has seen in real life, including the water feature opposite the Millennium building which he has stood and looked at his own reflection twice in! He did some drawing before announcing at 9pm he was tired and took himself to bed. It was funny when he asked if today was supposed to be the start of Summer and I said yes, he looked out of the patio windows at the lashing down rain and gale force winds and said "welcome to Britain". Glad to see the weather is supposed to improve later in the week, hard to imagine right now though. 

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