Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Haircuts, Link in the Woods,

Yesterday hubby took Piper for her much anticipated haircut, she's been planning it for a while now. I was sad to see her long locks gone...

To this: I really love it and more importantly so does she!

Cordelia was feeling a bit under the weather so stayed at home to finish her art. Ruben and I walked all the way up to Graves Park Farm with me pushing my niece up in the pram-gosh I had forgotten how much exercise it requires pushing a sleeping baby up a very big hill!!!

Ruben got to chat to me for a full 45 minutes with no interruptions, he talked mainly about a Zelda game he wants and some different games he wants to download on Steam. He's still loving the Scribble Naughts. He came dressed as Link today so it felt right to take his photos in the deep, dark woods!

We finally made it up to the playground and Ruben and Bella had a play on the swings:

We walked across to the farm only to bump into friends! Ruben was really pleased to see his BFF too, it made his day.

We were lucky enough to see some piglets that had only been that morning-9 of them, so cute!!!!

Back home and Ruben skyped his friend S for a while. Hubby started decorating the hallway and I watched over Bailey in the kitchen whilst he made us all tea from scratch. He made sausage plait, which although didn't look as aesthetically pleasing as the cookbook suggested it tasted really good-even Ruben ate some!!!! Was nice to have a night off cooking. Hubby, Ruben and I started watching Castle of Cagliostro, a Studio Ghilibi that we had recorded ages ago.

This morning Bailey went into college early, he only has a few days before his final project is due in so is spending a lot of time on it. Despite what was supposed to be a teacher's strike his tutors opted to still open up as everyone is fast approaching final project deadline.

Hubby surprised me with some beautiful flowers today, I've not been feeling myself this past week thanks to my hayfever..

My dad paid us a visit and just after he left Piper's first piece of Brand arrived!! She bought it second hand online from another Lolita and she's been so excited. Its Angelic Pretty which is one of the more expensive Japanese brands. She's saved up all her own money to buy it and how gorgeous does she look?

Cordelia is still feeling a bit rubbish but managed to do some drawings for her Silver Arts Awards, she is planning a new cosplay:

Including a new sword design:

Ruben has spent a much too much time online for my liking today, it left him rather grumpy and he looked really tired. He skyped his friend S and seemed to have fun, he came off at 8 and we sat and watching the rest of the Castle film we started watching last night. It was a really funny film and he really enjoyed it. Another day of IXL practice completed but no time for any dress making :( Tomorrow we are meeting friends at the park and have an outdoor 48 hours planned!

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