Sunday, 28 June 2015

Finally...The Eiffel Tower (and Les Invalides..)

Resuming my Paris posts, had a bit of a week so no chance to blog......

Anyway, after our fantastic walk down the Champs D' Elysees we headed down towards the tower, we headed to the beautiful (and very symmetrical!) Palais De Chaillot, we walked through the middle of both buildings, past beautiful golden statues and there it was-the Eiffel Tower!!!!!! I actually felt really emotional seeing it, good job I was wearing my sunglasses to hide the tears! We only booked this holiday four weeks before we went but I have being wanting to visit Paris for many years and seeing the tower just made me feel "We are really in Paris".  

The symmetry in Paris is amazing, it is so beautifully and perfectly planned out, its like the city has been planned with a protractor and a ruler. Just when you think you have seen so many beautiful buildings around the corner is more too look at! The Jardin Du Trocadero, which is right before the bridge where the tower is, is really stunning, We took advantage of the cool fountains and dipped out very hot, tired feet in. Except for Ruben who actually went in up to his waist! 

It was so hot we took some shade in the park/playground area and ate our baguettes, how is that for a view?........

Bailey and Ruben took five minutes to take some photos of the lego minifigures which the tower in the background:

We then walked over the bridge to stand under the tower! I really wanted to go up but by this point everyone was tired and hot, the queues were pretty long too. And I think it was even bigger than any of us had imagined so some of us that are not fans of heights really didn't fancy it. Putting it on my ever increasing list of things to do next time.....

You can see right up to the bottom of the second floor, the glass floor really puts me about I have to say, I would not be standing on that...

Its such a beautiful structure up close. I think I could sit here and look at it all day!

But we didn't! We headed back through Champs De Mars to the Wall of Peace. There was nothing in the guidebook about the wall of peace but I had read about it somewhere else (forget where!) unfortunately, it had been vandalised, the glass had been smashed, it was overgrown and covered in weeds and had mesh fencing all around. It looked a really sorry state and it was such a shame because it lines the tower up perfectly for photos!

Onwards with some very tired, hot and bothered boys!

Past the Ecole Militaire,

Then on to the beautiful Les Invalides, I love how the sun is gleaming of the gold top..

It was just closing for the day, I'd love to go inside and see Napoleon's time!

This is the other side of Les Invalides! Its a pretty impressive building.....

Walking back to Auber train station past the beautiful Ste Marie Madeleine Church, which had flowers covering the steps......

Not sure I've ever done three posts about one day before?! But when you are covering so much distance and seeing so many beautiful, beautiful buildings its hard to resist taking so many photographs!

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