Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chatsworth, Horse falls & Lolita Dresses

Its been an interesting few days to be honest! I was really glad to have some sunshine back though, even if its meant a pretty miserable week of hay fever. I refuse to stay indoors even though I seem to be allergic to the summer most days!

Thursday we met up with our good friends for what was supposed to be a really relaxing trip to the river at Chatsworth. My friend Red and I stayed with the children by the river and had a picnic while Hubby and his friend did the 5 mile walk. Although for Hubby it ended up being more like an 8 mile walk when our friends dog went missing! He was located thankfully-phew! We meanwhile ended up being overrun with a huge herd of over 50 cows-I'm really not a fan of cows that close up-they were all very frisky too! One cow even ended up kicking a poor German Shepard whilst its owner tried to distract the cow by offering it crisps....Strange! They headed over to us and Ruben, Cordelia and my friends two boys all stood and watched them walk by, whilst myself, Red and Piper tried not to have a panic attack! 

I think they were pretty brave to get so close, especially given how frisky the cows were. Home education at its finest....

All the cows gathered in a circle just feet from where we were picnicking...

When they'd finally cleared off the children braved it into the very cold water, only to annoy some nearby fly fishermen-who only caught one fish in the 4+ hours we were there! They had great fun though

I managed to laugh until my cheeks hurt and had such a wonderful afternoon! Then it was off to drop Hubby at his grandparents so he could help them with the gardening. Ruben stayed with him and spent an hour chatting to his great-grandmother, its so lovely that the children have great granparents who they seem regularly.

Meanwhile Piper and I took Cordelia to her horse riding lesson. I was feeling pretty relaxed with my cup of tea and got up to take photos of Cordelia as she was attempting a jump only to watch her fall off the horse. It was such a scary moment for me, she looked straight up at me-I think she knew I would be panicking-and I ran straight down into the arena to check she was okay. Two years of riding and despite seeing others come off the horse she never has. I knew it would come one day but it still doesn't prepare you for seeing it. Thankfully because I insist on her wearing a body protector she was okay, a bit of a sprained knuckle, grazed face & knee and a sore arm but she got back on the horse and did the jumps perfectly. Much braver than I would have been. I was still shaking when I picked James back up but Cordelia has taken it all in her stride as usual.

Friday was a pretty laid back day at home, Cordelia was feeling, understandably, a little bruised and sore so she didn't do much except some art, hanging out with Piper and played on Skyrim. Piper has been busy with her Lolita dress as part of her arts award, doing IXL every day and the Loki the Confused Horse website articles. Hubby and I had a good 4.5 mile walk and did some gardening.

Today has been busy, Hubby and I did the car boot this morning, then food shop and home for lunchtime. I've helped Piper measure and cut her Lolita dress material, ready for sewing. She really wants it ready for Paris.....

Cordelia is still feeling a little sore but the swelling in her hand has gone down thankfully. She has been playing Zelda today and chatting to one of her online friends whilst drawing on the tablet.

Bailey has introduced Ruben to some new games and after Hubby managed to reboot Ruben's laptop he has happily spent this afternoon playing on a game called Scribble Nauts. He has bought it with his own pocket money but after Hubby and I have both checked it out we've realised its a really educational game, sssshhhh don't let him know! Its DC based so he was very happy about that, he has to type in adjectives to advance and I can't believe how quickly he has learnt that considering he has had no formal "English" lessons and I didn't even realise he knew what an adjective was until today. He has had a rough couple of days and due to some things has not enjoyed being online as much as he normally would so it is really great to see him enjoying himself again.

Tonight we watched a Doctor Who episode featuring Versailles and Madame Pompadour! Its really cool to think we might get chance to see Versailles in real life in just over a week! We are really enjoying watching the first episodes of David Tennant again.

Its been nice to have Bailey around today, he has cut the grass as his usual weekly chore and is really excited to have a break from college in just over a week. We've decided it would be good to let the children plan and cook a meal since its rare that everyone wants to eat the same meal and it seems impossible to please everyone at teatime anymore-so I'm hoping they might appreciate the effort that goes into making a meal from scratch. Bailey wants to go first next week and is even going to the supermarket after college one day to buy all his ingredients...looking forward to that!

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  1. We had a close encounter with cows on our walk to the pub at the weekend too!! A bit too close for comfort. I wouldn't have minded if it had been on the way home after a few ;-)