Monday, 8 June 2015


A busy weekend with lots of car boots for Hubby and I. Piper came along yesterday morning too and picked up lots of Kawaii accessories for her room.

A sunny morning in the garden, after lunch a family trip to Meadowhall for holiday clothes, mainly for Bailey. Hate shopping but was nice to be out as a family.

Cuddles with Coco.

Cool Ferris wheel in the Lego Shop, it's customary that we visit every time we go to Meadowhall.

Today has been math, more sewing and Pony Club. The girls have been working on their arts awards so it's mainly been about getting on with the dress for Piper. She wants in ready for Paris next week.....

Cordelia managed no falls at the stables-hurrah! And I cooked a roast dinner for when she got home, in between all the sewing and trying to work out how to do shearing!

And I've felt tired, really tired and so grumpy. Not getting enough sleep thanks to my hay fever waking me up all night. So I made this and it actually did make me feel better...

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