Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wrapping up May...

It definitely feels like I've wrapped up May-literally its been bloody freezing!!! Sometimes I think I am far too nesh to live in the North, I think I should live some where much warmer. Its been a bit of a tough month and I'm realising that is because I am feeling tired so often, the effects of severe hayfever mean that I don't sleep well during the summer months and often have insomnia too. It doesn't make me very productive and makes for me being even less of a morning person than I am normally.

We've had a busy week catching up with lots of friends, it often happens that way during half term week! We had a nice walk in the woods with friends at Sherwood Pines, always a favourite place. Despite the car park over flowing with cars we hardly passed anyone on the walk and R and his friends R & M played in the playground for ages. They made a game where the pine cones, bark, sticks etc were "currency" and all made little shops, this including the majority of the kids in the playground too! Ruben found a stick that he thought looked like the Grim Reaper's:

Cordelia had a show jumping competition with Pony Club and came 5th, so she was really happy, she has only entered one or two of these competitions before and since she doesn't have her own horse..(yet!) to practice on she did really well.

Piper has been thinking about her Silver Arts Award and starting to plan what she will be doing, she's also helping out with lots of Lolita group admin as well as practicing her drawing and even maths!

I'd love to say it was nice having Bailey around this week but I haven't seen him anymore than I normally would to be honest. Since he barely got out of bed before lunch and spent most of the time huddled over his PC working on his final college project. But here is a photo of him in a rare moment of playing Lego....

I was so pleased to have a lovely response to my birthday blog hop, it was the first time I'd ever attempted it and after a few teething problems it all worked well. So thank you to all of those who joined in. The Princess Poet wrote a lovely post on how much her life has changed in the last 5 years and her hopes for the next 5, it must be really wonderful to have known you wanted to home educate when your child was so small, I really wish I had known when Bailey was so young. Sandra over at Take Two Bods wrote about the changes in her home educating journey now her son has nearly finished HE. This reminded me so much of my journey with Bailey and it was lovely to read in detail about her son's (and Sandra's of course!) achievements, many of which I didn't know about. Its always wonderful to have people ahead of you in the home educating world, such an inspiration when you have those "wobbly" days. Jo over at Our Field Journal spoke about how much her three children have changed in the last 5 years-including her youngest who wasn't even born then, again so lovely to see HE from the beginning and the video of Noah and the Whale's "In 5 Years Time" actually had me in tears! Paula over at Our Education Otherwise Diary shared her wonderfully, exciting journey-most of which I didn't even know!-things have changed a lot for them in the last 5 years and I really look forward to reading about their next 5 years. Lucy at Educating Sausages had a big change in the last couple of years and I could relate to so much of what she said about schools as it was a very similar story for us at one point. I'm so glad I found home educating and that we have been able to enjoy so much time with our children. I love how Lucy said she had adapted herself to fit with her children's needs because I feel so strongly that is something essential for being a good parent and essential when you are a home educating  parent! Higglepea Home Ed has been a blog I've followed for a long time, I find her blog to be so inspiring and as she is ahead of me in the teenage years I've sought much comfort from her words. Her girls are on a fantastic journey and have already achieved so much on their HE journey, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what is next for them. I'm lucky to know Higglepea in real life too. Katie over at The Gallivanters is also a real life friend and despite living 300 miles away from her we have managed to meet up on two occasions, her daughter S and my youngest son Ruben are great friends. I have always enjoyed reading her very honest blog about home educating and found it very reassuring on my "wobbly days", she is full of lots of great ideas! over at Life Love and Literature I could relate to the Badman review as that is sadly, some of my first memories of HE, I've also encountered some of the self doubt that comes with home educating and not having the same experiences as lots of other people. It is easy to see other's lives with rose-tinted glasses on and can make you feel pretty rubbish when that isn't the case for you. I'm glad she has found a balance that works for her and her sons. Angela at Journey Unique is also a friend I've managed to meet in real life through the power of blogging, I've always enjoyed reading her blog and seeing how interesting life home educating two sets of twins can be. I've loved seeing how her children have grown and flourished in the last 5 years and look forward to reading more of their journey. Happy Hema is quite new to home ed and it was lovely to read her experiences 6 months in, she has so much to look forward to with her two children and I really look forward to reading more of her journey and adventures.

Thank you all for taking part!

I know for some of you, looking back isn't something you find useful but for me looking back and reflecting on what has happened and where we have come helps me work out where we are heading. And I rather enjoy it, I feel as if the last 5 years have flown by and it was incredibly enjoyable to think back to that time, I'm always learning being a parent, I'm always adapting to the needs of my children. I'm adapting to having teenagers and I'm adapting to the fact that in another 5 years time I will most likely be at the end of our home educating journey, although who knows what could happen in 5 years time.

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  1. Beautiful words Zoe and so very inspiring. I have loved reading your blog over the years and following your wonderful home ed journey with children of a similar age to mine. I find it fascinating how each child out there decides for themselves their own pathway and to watch how cleverly each parenting nest facilitates that drive and yearning for their future destinations. Best of luck to us all, for whatever the future holds. xXx