Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Bit more structured work again today, Ruben started off with these Doctor Who activity books that I picked up new from the car boot for 50p. We made a physic paper wallet from the model book and then did some code breaking and a crossword from another book. 

After Ruben had a play on the Dr Who android game app "The Doctor and the Dalek". He really loves this game.

Meanwhile Cordelia was making a start on her new cosplay costume Ticcy Toby (creepypasta). She is making some ratchets out of foam so she began by sketching one on paper first:

Using a knife to cut out her ratchets out of foam (she was being supervised!)

And here she is having cut the first one out and deciding to celebrate by sucking on a piece of fresh lemon!?!

All done and ready for priming and painting:

Piper continued working on her IXL, did some craft projects for Ruben's friend S, and her usual several posts for our website loki the confused horse.

We've been watching the Doctor Who episodes with Ruben before bed every night, I'm really enjoying re-watching them again. I haven't enjoyed the much older episodes though have to admit but love it from the Christopher Eccleston period, we started watching them with Bailey when Ruben was far too small to watch it!

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