Friday, 15 May 2015

Trans Pennine Trail Killamarsh Station

Catching up first with yesterday! I've been busy with my birthday blog share (see previous post) so spent more time reading blogs than writing mine, most enjoyable!

Anyway yesterday....Minecraft, Skype with S for Ruben. They are getting on so well it's really heartwarming to hear them chatting and laughing. 

Ruben reading the instructions for a Dr Who Time Travelling Tardis board game ready for Saturday Night family game night. 

Just as he was having his lunch the delivery man brought a surprise!

From friends over at

He has hardly put it down since! I got a lovely postcard from S's mum Katie too which was a lovely surprise :D

After lunch, we headed out for a walk as the weather was much nicer than forecast! Lovely sunshine. So we took a walk down the Trans Pennine Trail past Killamarsh Station, this is what it used to look like: 

Quite amazing considering now it's just a path through the countryside with fields on one side and Rother Valley Country Park on the other side! It was opened in 1841 closed in 1843 and then reopened in 1873 until it was finally closed in 1954. The only thing remaining is the old platform which is overgrown with grass and weeds. The train line goes around a different route close by and you can still hear trains passing.

Hubby wants us (without the kids!) to do this walk one day, I looked and its approx 140 miles! Yikes....

We only walked 4.4 miles today much to the relief of the children!

This explains the statues we saw, a local solider who was killed in a roadside explosion, a local steel worker who walked his dog here and local boxer Clinton Woods (who lives not far from us!)

Back home after ice creams :) and Cordelia played in the garden with our youngest cat Bibby who's now 7 years old. Since he was one of our older cat's-Kittyfantastico's kittens, he's by far the favourite and completely spoiled:

Ruben finished the last two episodes of the Dr Who DVD he started watching yesterday "a Rememberance of the Daleks" he thought the special effects were hilarious!

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